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IA Course: Retractable Roofs: A Sustainable Solution

OpenAire Has Launched Our First AIA Course:

Retractable Roofs: A Sustainable Solution Course Overview

A common misconception is that retractable roofs are only used for aquatic centers when in fact, the range of applications is far broader. In fact, retractable roofs are an ideal solution for many building types and are a key strategy for creating green buildings, whether new or existing. A retractable roof transforms an indoor space into an outdoor space with the push of a button.

Retractable roofs promote the extensive use of daylighting and natural ventilation. Not only does this save significant amounts of energy, but it also contributes to the health and well-being of building occupants. A well-ventilated space is desirable for reducing the risk of airborne disease transmission. In this time of COVID-19, a retractable roof can help building managers provide spaces that feel healthy and safe.

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AIA Course Number: K2012ED
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Who is this AIA course for?

Duration: AIA Course runs until Dec 2022

Upon completion, student will be able to:

  • Explain what retractable roofs are and enumerate their applications for both new and existing buildings
  • Describe how retractable roofs contribute to the health, safety, and well-being of building occupants
  • Describe how retractable roofs can save energy through daylighting and reduced reliance on power grids
  • Explain how a retractable roof can enable natural ventilation and reliance on mechanical systems plus potentially reduce the load of airborne disease pathogens
  • Describe how retractable roofs are sustainable and can reduce the carbon footprint of a building
  • Explain how retractable roofs can reduce operational costs of a building

Attendee Testimonials!

What did you like most or find most useful about this AIA Course Webinar?

“Relevant topic for the times!”“Providing insight into the range of uses of retractable uses.”

“Discussion about positive impact on users!”

“How open air solves ventilation need passively.”

“Presenter provided information that I was not aware of.”

“It was well organized and the images were useful!”

“I liked the presentation. It was inspiring and with great examples.”

“The introduction to retractable roofs was a great benefit.”

“I liked how Nancy Patterson marched thru the slide/topics! She is a good speaker and could present other professional subjects to groups online or at seminars.”

“The case studies that gave the energy savings and quality of space data.”

“The explanation and examples of how retractable roof can be adapted to existing buildings.”

“The Q&A was very useful, and her focus on energy savings. I didn’t think of these are helping save energy. Always saw them in the opposite way.”

“Previously unfamiliar with this roof type so this was very informative.”

“It’s not common to see all of these retractable roofs in actual application so case study review and information is very helpful.”

“Great presenter, clear and concise.”

“I liked seeing the different applications of retractable roofs. Further, I was surprised to see the roofs meet the energy code, since roofs receive the most insulation in a buildings envelope.”

“Versatile Roofing Solutions to bring outdoor environment to the interior.”

“It was educational and useful as is.”

“Seeing all the options for retractable roofs was helpful.”

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MAA 1 Structured Learning Hour (2)
NLAA 1 Hour of Core Learning (7)
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NWTAA 1 Structured Learning Hour (5)
OAA 1 Learning Hour (6)
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