Bad summer weather? You can still enjoy the outside, inside!

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People love summer for the recreational activities they can take-up outdoors, like swimming, baseball games, and more. A cooler, rainier summer like this season can often put a damper on outdoor plans, where inclement weather inhibits the pursuit of favourite summer pastimes.

In professional sports, major league baseball games are especially susceptible to precipitation-induced delays and cancellations. Players can’t play and fans are literally left out in the rain. Teams with stadiums featuring retractable roof enclosures don’t suffer the same fate. They aren’t vulnerable to nature’s unpredictable behaviour.

For example, the Toronto Blue Jays have had no rained-out home games since 1989, due to the Rogers Centre's retractable dome. If a game begins with the roof open, the roof can be closed at any time if conditions change. When a game begins with the roof closed, it may still be opened if the weather shifts to a positive atmosphere for fan comfort and enjoyment.

When it comes to swimming, warm (enough) outdoor conditions aren’t as enjoyable as a hot summer day. After dipping into a lake, a cool lakeside breeze can feel that much colder to leave you in shivers. In waterparks and swimming pools with retractable roofs, you can enjoy sunshine in hot weather with the roof and side doors open. You can also swim through a chilly day with the roof open, without feeling the breeze when the side doors are closed.

Whether it’s swimming, baseball, or any other outdoor pastime, retractable roofs allow us to keep our plans intact and make each summer a memorable one.

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