How To Avoid Seasonal Downtime For Your Pool

Outdoor pools are the perfect way to entertain your guests or attract customers to your establishment! But, a little bad weather can ruin the fun for everyone. With a retractable roof, you won’t need to close up shop or stop the fun. A retractable roof can bring the best of both worlds and maximize the […]

Indoor Or Outdoor Pool – How To Get The Best Out Of Both

Outdoor pools are more desirable in great weather, but it can be a huge expense with zero payback during cold seasons or rainy days. A retractable roof can bring the best of both worlds to your YMCA and maximize usage potential. In some  climates, a retractable roof will only be open six months of the […]

How To Save On Energy Costs For Your YMCA Pool

Do you manage a YMCA? Then you will know that your energy bill is one of your biggest expenses. While many YMCA managers would be surprised to learn that a retractable roof installation can go a long way in significantly reducing their energy bills, the proof lies in the case studies that we are able […]

How To Have Your Patrons Tell Their Friends “Hey, Check Out This Pool!”

The global health and fitness industry continues to boom. In 2015, total industry revenue was $25.8 bn. In 2018, the industry had grown to an estimated $87.5 bn according to Wellness Creative Co. The United States is the single biggest market worldwide, not only in terms of revenue but also in regards to the number of members […]

How Your YMCA Can Afford a Retractable Enclosure And Reap The Benefits

Long term investments are necessary for any community organization. As the Director of a YMCA, you need to make strategic investments to the property that benefit the most people and give donors the biggest returns for their investment. Retractable roof enclosures are a perfect all season investment that will benefit your YMCAs community year round. […]

Creating Year-Round Fitness Programming

Running a health and sports club with indoor and outdoor facilities means maximizing programs seasonally… unless you have a retractable roof that makes year-round fitness programming possible. OpenAire can custom design a retractable roof solution to suit any project, site or geography. Our portfolio features almost 1,000 projects of all sizes and shapes, in terrains […]

Maximizing Profit From Every Square Foot

  Do you run, own or manage a health and sports club? Then you will know how common it is for large portions of your space to go unused during certain times of the year. Every health and sports club can benefit tremendously from a retractable roof installation. Here are some of the ways that […]

YMCAs Reach A Bigger Audience With A Retractable Roof Over Your Pool

When hosting an event that revolves around your YMCA’s outdoor swimming pool, there is nothing worse or more frustrating than having to cancel plans due to bad weather. It is frustrating to your guests and results in possible loss of deposit and and associated ancillary spending. Having to shut down all pool activities throughout fall […]

Retractable Roof Restaurants Earn More Revenue

If you are a restaurant owner with a rooftop or outdoor patio, you will know just how much your patrons love dining out on the patio on those balmy summer evenings. There is no doubt that it is during those warmer months that you see a massive increase in your bottom line and your patronage […]

Retractable Pool Enclosures Improve Guest Experience

If you manage a YMCA or other type of facility with a swimming pool, then you may be wondering how you can take your establishment to the next level. Retractable pool enclosures can significantly improve the experience that you are able to offer your patrons. Here’s why: Improved air quality With a roof that can […]