OpenAire Launches their First AIA Continuing Education Course on the benefits of Naturally Ventilated Spaces!

OAKVILLE, Ontario – November 16, 2020 - OpenAire, the leading builder of retractable roof solutions, is thrilled to announce that on December 08, 2020 our first
Wimbledon No.1 Court Retractable Roof

OpenAire and SCX Special Projects join forces to transform outdoor spaces into multi-use venues in a post-COVID-19 world

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH OpenAire, the world’s leading retractable roof specialists and kinetic engineering firm SCX Special Projects, have partnered to create solutions that will transform outdoor areas into flexible, attractive and innovative spaces. COVID-19 has hit the entertainment and leisure sectors hard. Indoor venue capacities will remain reduced for a while to come and consumer […]

100% of OpenAire US Indoor Waterparks are open!

All of OpenAire's indoor waterparks around the USA are open. Only our indoor park in Canada remains closed as of  July 06, 2020 This is compared to about 66% of public and private indoor parks across the US who have re-opened so far. (per June 25, 2020 Hotel and Leisure Advisors Update) From: Hotel and […]

You can save money by building your Indoor Aquatic Center with Aluminum

Any facility that is indoor and aquatic has to be built properly. The repercussions of poor construction can be structural building failure (there are several reported cases buildings collapsing), corrosion, and constant maintenance. Space needs to be safe and healthy for guests and staff. Waterparks have additional concerns due to the extreme volume of splashing […]

Commercial Architecture COVID-19 series: Who is Ahead of the Curve in this Time of Pandemic?

Designing for the “new normal” During a global pandemic, business and building operators, owners and real estate asset managers of all types of commercial facilities are wondering where do we go from here  You may be asking yourself questions like: “When do we open up” “What changes do we need to make to open in […]

Aquatic Facilities COVID-19 series: Corrosion-Free Pools; Fact or Fiction?

Can you have a pool building that won't corrode? Yes you can. Few buildings present the risks and challenges found in indoor swimming pool enclosures or natatoriums. With far higher interior moisture loads than typical buildings and a potentially corrosive interior environment, natatoriums put structural and enclosure systems to the test, especially in cold or […]
Indoor Waterparks COVID-19 Series Part 4/4: Let The Sunshine In

Indoor Waterparks COVID-19 Series Part 4/4: Let The Sunshine In

[Let The Sunshine In Part 4: Designing with Light to Earn more Revenue There is undeniable evidence that daylit spaces hold the potential to yield substantial benefits, including increased energy savings, increased revenue in retail applications, and improvements to human health and productivity.1 While the science isn’t precise, it is clear that daylight affects our […]

Indoor Waterparks COVID-19 Series Part 3/4: The Air We Breath

The Air We Breath Part 3: Fresh Air... the new standard for ventilation. Every interior space requires some form of ventilation. Natural, mechanical or a hybrid, but this is especially true with the chemical-laden air of a waterpark. Indoor pools are guided by the guidelines set out by ASHRAE 62.1, but per the CDC report […]
Indoor Waterparks COVID-19 Series Part 2/4: Cleanliness & Materials

Indoor Waterparks COVID-19 Series Part 2/4: Cleanliness & Materials

Safer, Cleaner Waterparks are the New Norm Part 2: Cleanliness & Materials Health care professionals and government officials have clearly stated that increasing the frequency and thoroughness of cleaning is compulsory in order to prevent the spread of virus through contact. Global public health re-opening strategies include cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and PPE (personal protective […]

Indoor Waterparks COVID-19 Series Part 1/4 - What Do We Do?

Who is Ahead of the Curve in this Time of Pandemic? Part 1: What do we do? During a global pandemic, operators and owners of indoor waterparks are wondering where do we go from here? You may be asking yourself questions like: “When do we open up this summer?” “What changes do we need to […]

Retractable Roofing Systems Blend Historic Architecture and New

OpenAire is sometimes called upon to add retractable roofing systems to historic buildings, thereby blending cutting-edge modern engineering with beautiful, vintage architecture. This is a delicate balancing act that involves the preservation of the existing building while augmenting it both aesthetically and functionally. We are proud to have successfully managed this balance on several occasions. […]

Great Kids Amenities and Entertainment at Leading Aquatic Centers

Aquatic centers offer good, healthy fun for people of all ages. Those with retractable roofs are able to do so all year round. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down these facilities for the moment, but once life starts to resume a semblance of normality, aquatic centers will continue to offer great amenities for […]
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