How To Maximize The Value Of Your Health & Sports Club

Maximizing the value of your Club is likely your number one priority as an Owner, Director or Operator of a Health and Sports Club in the vastly competitive fitness market. The success and longevity of any Club can be measured by the number of members that frequently visit and join. Clubs can benefit tremendously from […]

Reduce Lighting and Ventilation Costs with a Retractable Roof

  Have you ever scrutinized a break-down of your facility’s utility bill? If you have, you might have been shocked to learn what percentage of your energy bill goes to heating, cooling and lighting costs! Luckily, you can reduce these costs with a retractable roof – whether in residential, commercial, or institutional buildings. For heating […]

Bring the “WOW” Factor to Your Venue

Have you been looking for design options that will dazzle visitors? In search of a “WOW” factor that will make your venue stand out from the crowd? Well, a big sigh of relief is in order – OpenAire has a solution! One that will not only take your breath away with its design, but that […]

Increase Club Membership By 20% – A Case Study

No matter what kind of Health and or Sports club you run, the challenge is to grow your membership. We bet you have a good mix of marketing strategies to retain and grow membership, such as planning fun events, featuring great programs, and even utilizing social media. But, despite all of your concerted efforts, has […]

Save Up to 27% on Energy Costs

A retractable roof enclosure offers many benefits to your health and sports club: it shields the patio and pool against the elements (enabling you to appreciate and utilize the outside all-year-around), it is eye-catching and attractive (making your club stand out from its competitors), and it is durable (its aluminum and won’t corrode). Another one […]

Make Your Aquatics Facility Stand Out!

Does your club boast an inviting, crystal-clear pool? Yet, somehow that is not enough to attract people all-year-around? Well, we have a solution! Unlike any of your competitors, your club can offer a bright, open aquatic facility with an outdoor atmosphere in every season. And, it is easy to achieve! Simply invest in a retractable […]

How To Avoid Seasonal Downtime For Your Pool

Outdoor pools are the perfect way to entertain your guests or attract customers to your establishment! But, a little bad weather can ruin the fun for everyone. With a retractable roof, you won’t need to close up shop or stop the fun. A retractable roof can bring the best of both worlds and maximize the […]

Indoor Or Outdoor Pool – How To Get The Best Out Of Both

Outdoor pools are more desirable in great weather, but it can be a huge expense with zero payback during cold seasons or rainy days. A retractable roof can bring the best of both worlds to your YMCA and maximize usage potential. In some  climates, a retractable roof will only be open six months of the […]

How To Save On Energy Costs For Your YMCA Pool

Do you manage a YMCA? Then you will know that your energy bill is one of your biggest expenses. While many YMCA managers would be surprised to learn that a retractable roof installation can go a long way in significantly reducing their energy bills, the proof lies in the case studies that we are able […]

How To Have Your Patrons Tell Their Friends “Hey, Check Out This Pool!”

The global health and fitness industry continues to boom. In 2015, total industry revenue was $25.8 bn. In 2018, the industry had grown to an estimated $87.5 bn according to Wellness Creative Co. The United States is the single biggest market worldwide, not only in terms of revenue but also in regards to the number of members […]