Retractable Roofs Are a Winning Trend for Municipal Aquatic Facilities

Municipalities everywhere are looking for ways to make the best use of their parks and recreation facilities; strategies that allow them to operate sustainably year-round, as well as attracting and satisfying residents from as many demographics as possible. In many communities, a new trend in swimming pool and aquatic attraction usage has emerged over the [...]

Retractable Roofs & Enclosures Bring New Life to Historic Locations

Thousands of unique buildings have stood the test of time for decades or even centuries and are now revered as historic locations. Of course, the same age that made them iconic has also left many of them in need of maintenance or renovations, especially if the buildings were not maintained consistently throughout their lives. As [...]

Dynamic Daylight from Skylights Benefiting Businesses

Dynamic Daylight from Skylights Can Open a Full Spectrum of Benefits for Businesses Could your business benefit from increased numbers of visitors, greater sales performance, growing bottom lines, and even improved employee productivity? Research shows that the use of dynamic daylight from skylights in businesses such as retailers, restaurants, community centers, offices and other venues […]

More Ways Than One

There’s More Than One Way to Let in the Sun with an OpenAire Custom Retractable Roof If you think a skylight is just a bubble-shaped, crank-operated hatch that is cut into your roof, it’s time to open your eyes to new design possibilities! The truth is that custom retractable roofs and skylights can be developed [...]

Epic Waters Throws an Epic-Opening

The largest indoor waterpark under a single custom curved retractable roof in the USA officially opens, dazzling hundreds Grand Prairie, Texas is abuzz today as the city officially opens a new waterpark that is as grand as its name. Epic Waters is an amazing 80,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor waterpark. After months of careful preparations, Epic Waters is [...]

OpenAire Retractable Roofs Give Restaurant Patios All-Season Usability

Restaurant patios are some of the most desirable seating areas that an establishment can offer, but often guests must wait until spring comes before they can enjoy outdoor dining. If you own a restaurant with a patio or outdoor seating, those seats are probably sitting empty this winter as cold weather and winds make them […]

Drake’s new Toronto restaurant Pick 6ix features an OpenAire custom patio design

Social media in Toronto was buzzing in August 2017 after construction signage appeared on a property at the corner of Yonge and Wellington Street with the distinctive logo of Drake’s OVO brand. Local residents began speculating that the Toronto-based hip-hop superstar was about to open a new restaurant in his hometown. Those rumors proved to […]

Add Year-Round Sunshine to Your Business in 2018 with an OpenAire Retractable Roof

As 2018 dawns, people everywhere are making New Year’s resolutions and businesses are planning new strategies. If one of your resolutions in 2018 is to add new opportunities to your business and grow your revenue, an OpenAire retractable roof can be the answer to your wishes. Since 1989, OpenAire has established itself as one of […]