The Best Wine Tasting Venues in Dallas

Where do you go to sample some fine vintages when in Dallas? Well, actually, the city has scores of options when it comes to wine tasting venues. Here, in no particular order, are five of the best for you to try, including one that shows how a specially designed retractable roof system for restaurants can […]

5 Ways to Increase Your Membership Numbers at Your Health and Sports Club

The health and sports club market is a highly competitive one. In any major city, there are likely to be two or more competing clubs in a four-block radius, each claiming to offer something its competitors don’t. Very often, however, there aren’t necessarily any major selling factors that make one club stand out. How can […]

Our World-Class Retractable Roof Projects

OpenAire has over 1,000 completed retractable roof design and installation projects. As we have accomplished these diverse assignments, it has been very gratifying to receive feedback detailing how our work has helped our clients to improve their facilities and service offering, thereby increasing revenue. To provide a detailed picture of how our retractable roof systems [...]

5 of the Most Incredible Enclosed Sports Venues Around the World

  The design and construction of sports stadiums has become an architectural art form in its own right, a design discipline that has generated some of the most impressive structures ever to grace any city’s skyline. These buildings are perhaps most impressive when the sports venue in question is fitted with a fixed or retractable [...]

7 Great Annual Events Hosted by YMCAs

  Not sure how to spend Labor Day or Thanksgiving this year? Looking for activities to keep the kids busy during the holiday break and the summer holidays? One or more of the annual events at your local YMCA should give you some ideas to fill your calendar. Family Camp Memorial Day Weekend Families around […]

These Are the Most Luxurious Private Health Clubs in the World

    There are health clubs – and then there are health clubs! You may think you have a sweet deal as you swim your lengths and then relax in the sauna at your local gym? Well, you probably haven’t paid a visit to one of the world’s truly luxury clubs. And, we’re talking clubs […]

Partner With International Specialists for Retractable Roofing Solutions

As an operator of a health and sports club, what sets you apart from your competitors? What value are you offering your members and potential members that they can’t get anywhere else? In particular, what do you have to offer when it comes to your swimming pool? Are you running an outdoor pool? An indoor […]

Maintenance-Free Retractable Roofing Systems for Health Clubs? Yes, Please!

  Retractable roofing systems are an attractive option for any health club. They have the potential to increase membership through their functional and aesthetic enhancements, as well as improving the overall member experience. However, some health club operators are reluctant to install retractable roofs. Why? Because health clubs already have high maintenance costs, and the […]

8 Ways You Will Benefit from Joining a YMCA Today

Joining a YMCA might be the best investment you make in yourself this year. Does that sound like a bold statement? Well, take a look at these eight benefits and you’ll probably be signing up for your YMCA membership right away!  Get Motivated If you’re looking for fresh motivation to revive your health and fitness […]

How YMCAs Are Promoting Healthier, Happier Kids!

It seems to be getting harder and harder to keep children active and healthy. Combine the demands of schoolwork with the endless array of digital entertainment available, and there seems to be very little reason for kids to leave the house! Thankfully, there are community-based organizations that still offer activities and programs interesting enough to […]