The Latest Trend for Restaurants – Retractable Roof Design

The restaurant business is fierce, with restaurants looking for more creative ways to compete. What sets leading restaurants in 2019 apart from their competition is the ability to offer more than a meal. Today, people want an experience when they dine out. In the past, retractable roofs were generally only installed in high-profile sports stadiums. […]

What to Look for in a Retractable Roof Solutions Company

Are you a restaurant owner? Or are you in the entertainment industry and do you need to accommodate guests throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions? The ability to offer an indoor and an outdoor entertainment or restaurant venue means your facility appeals to events of all shapes and sizes. Retractable roofs continue to […]

4 Ways a Retractable Roof Will Transform Your Restaurant

A retractable roof is a specially designed system that allows the roof to slide back on its tracks so that the interior of the restaurant becomes open to the outdoors. Also known as retractable skylights, these roofs have the ability to transform your restaurant from a traditional or standard  place to eat to a must-see […]

Retractable Roof Systems Sets Retail Malls Apart From Their Competition

As malls change and adapt to the changing needs of consumers, so does their architecture. It is important for developers of a mall to ensure their facility remains a destination of choice for both shoppers and tenants. This means evolving these retail complexes to become spaces where people want to invest both their time and […]

Rain, Snow Or Shine – The Show Will Go On With Retractable Roofs

No matter what, the show must go on. But what happens when unexpected weather issues arise and make this pretty much impossible? The secret lies in investing in the right contingency measures for your concert and entertainment venue. The secret lies in investing in a retractable roof from OpenAire! What is a Retractable Roof?  A […]

Optimizing All of Your Health and Sports Club Space

Is your health and sports club running out of space? Or is it beginning to look outdated? With all the equipment and growing membership, it is important to keep your club and aesthetics updated. Maximizing the floor space of your health and sports club helps to do this by giving more space for expanded programming. […]