The 5 Most Thrilling Water Park Slides in the USA

We love that heart-stopping, adrenaline-pumping combination of rushing water and roller coaster speed! And, we certainly have enough options, with hundreds of water parks to choose from across North America. With so many choices, we set out to discover which ones are the absolute musts. Below are the answers – we present to you the […]

What Classes Are Offered at the YMCA Swimming Pools?

Are you an avid swimmer thinking about joining your area’s YMCA? If so, you are probably wondering what types of classes are on offer at the YMCA’s swimming pools. Here is a general breakdown of the types of classes and activities to expect at most YMCA establishments as well as the reasons why you would […]

Health and wellness tips for using municipal pools

Going to your local municipal pool is a great way to keep cool and active in the summer. However, as with all facilities for physical activity,  swimming pools are best enjoyed when we follow the health and safety rules. Here are the most important tips to keep in mind when heading to the pool. Wear […]

Design Tips: How to Reduce Operating Costs for Your Municipal Pool

There is no doubt that operating a municipal pool can be a costly exercise. You have to think about electricity costs, as well as water and general maintenance expenses. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when designing a municipal pool project in order to keep these costs to a minimum: Keep Heat […]

Why it’s Essential That Every Child and Adult Learn to Swim

Learning to swim is about so much more than just splashing around having fun in the water during the summer months. It is also a life skill that provides a number of benefits… and it could even save your life. Below, we discuss the main reasons why it is essential that every child and adult […]

Make Your Aquatic Centre More than a Pool – Make it Art!

With so many things in life, simpler is better; less is more. This, however, definitely is NOT true when it comes to aquatic centres! These centres are where people come to socialize, de-stress and have fun. So, why not make them super creative? Below, we provide you with some inspiration for jazzing up your area’s […]

Want to Find a Great Instructor to Teach Your Child to Swim?

Swimming is a life skill and is sure to be a wonderful source of joy for your child. Not only as he or she grows, but also well into adulthood! Are you currently searching for a great instructor to teach your child how to swim? The good news is that your local YMCA offers swimming […]

Dive-in Movies: A Great Project for Your Municipal Pool!

Pools can be a wonderful space to host social events and to encourage the community to come together! Use the town of Atikokan in Ontario as a source of inspiration! They recently hosted their very first-ever ‘dive-in’ movie at their local pool.  Dive-In Movies? It is the new-age, and slightly wetter, equivalent of the old-school […]

Rules to Stay Safe and Have Fun All Year Round at Municipal Pools

Swimming pools can be dangerous if you do not adhere to the safety rules. In order to make certain that your whole family is safe and has a great time, here are a few of the most important rules to keep in mind before jumping in: Listen to the Lifeguard Lifeguards are there to protect […]

Communities Benefit from Enclosed Swimming Pools

A swimming pool that is enclosed by a retractable roof promises endless benefits to communities. We highlight some of the most notable benefits below: Swimming Pools Promote Fun and Fitness You will rarely come across a person who does not enjoy taking a dip in the pool. This is great news because swimming is actually […]