The Costs and Considerations of Building an Indoor Pool

An indoor pool – or the addition of an enclosure around an existing outdoor pool – is undoubtedly a worthwhile project in a retirement community. Swimming offers a variety of health benefits and creating a facility that offers these in a venue that is warm and accessible all year round would be a great service […]

How to Plan a Fun Family Outing at a Waterpark

A trip to a waterpark – especially a big one with many attractions – is an all-day event. While it may be a day for fun and relaxation, perhaps you should not have a take-it-as-it-comes attitude by leaving everything to chance. Any day out is usually better when you plan things before you go. This […]

6 Things You Absolutely Must Take to a Water Park

A water park visit is an all-day event, and you need to make sure you show up prepared. Set your mind at ease and enjoy your day to the fullest by taking these six essential items along. We’ll leave out the obvious, such as swimsuits, towels, and goggles. Trust us when we say that these […]

Florida’s Top 5 Water Parks

We all know Florida is pretty much the go-to state for year-round fun in the sun. Many people from further to the north and west will be heading down there soon, as winter starts to set in, to take advantage of the perennial sunshine across the state’s many beaches and water parks.  With this in […]

5 Ski Resorts That Have Indoor Waterparks

Skiing and water parks… You can easily be forgiven for thinking they’re mutually exclusive. However, this is not the case. Thanks to the practice of enclosing water parks for year-round use, it’s now very easy to have two family vacations rolled into one. Ski resorts around the country have upgraded their offerings and eliminated the […]

Designing a Winning Indoor Waterpark

There are no shortage of indoor waterparks in North America. And, this might create the impression that planning and building a popular, thrilling but safe aquatic park is an easy thing to do, the design of a really great waterpark requires careful balancing of a few key factors. This article is intended for individuals or […]

8 Great Indoor US Water Parks Where it’s Summer All Year Round

Just because winter is coming, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the thrills of a great water park. Around the country there are many enclosed water parks that maintain a summer ambience all year round, keeping the cold at bay during the winter months. This means that, no matter how inhospitable the outdoor conditions may […]
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Black Algae: What It Is and How to Get Rid of It

It’s the bane of every pool custodian’s existence! Those pesky black spots that develop on the pool walls, usually in hard to reach places. They’re an eyesore! And, they seem almost impossible to remove. This is the notorious black algae. Unlike other varieties of algae, it is tenacious and extremely tolerant of most pool chemicals. […]
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What Causes a High Swimming Pool pH Level?

What does it mean when you test your pool water and get a reading higher than pH 7.8? In basic scientific terms, this indicates that your pool is too alkaline. Alkalinity can lead to a number of problems. Most importantly, when the water is too alkaline, the chlorine used to sanitize the pool loses its […]
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The Year-Round Benefits of Turning an Outdoor Public Pool into an Indoor one

As a manager of an outdoor public pool, perhaps you’ve been considering whether or not to try to convince the municipality to invest in a new enclosure for your facility. Or perhaps your current indoor pool is in a building that is disintegrating around it, incurring regular closures and costly repairs. Either way there is […]
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How Are Municipal Pools Kept Clean and Hygienic?

How sanitary are public pools? This is a fairly common question. And, an understandable one, considering how many people pass in and out of municipal pools every day. The answer is that well-maintained public pools are very sanitary. It is only when hygiene measures are not strictly adhered to that standards may drop. What are […]
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The Best Ways to Heat Your Indoor Pool Economically

If there is one potential drawback to indoor pools, it is that they are costly to operate. They can’t simply warm up in the sun like outdoor pools in a hot climate or on a sunny summer day. Many people worry about the costs of indoor pool heating systems, but there are measures you can […]

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