aquatic centre

Make Your Aquatic Centre More than a Pool - Make it Art!

With so many things in life, simpler is better; less is more. This, however, definitely is NOT true when it comes to aquatic centres! These centres are where people come to socialize, de-stress and have fun. So, why not make them super creative? Below, we provide you with some inspiration for jazzing up your area’s […]
swimming lessons

Want to Find a Great Instructor to Teach Your Child to Swim?

Swimming is a life skill and is sure to be a wonderful source of joy for your child. Not only as he or she grows, but also well into adulthood! Are you currently searching for a great instructor to teach your child how to swim? The good news is that your local YMCA offers swimming […]
drive in movies

Dive-in Movies: A Great Project for Your Municipal Pool!

Pools can be a wonderful space to host social events and to encourage the community to come together! Use the town of Atikokan in Ontario as a source of inspiration! They recently hosted their very first-ever ‘dive-in’ movie at their local pool.  Dive-In Movies? It is the new-age, and slightly wetter, equivalent of the old-school […]

Rules to Stay Safe and Have Fun All Year Round at Municipal Pools

Swimming pools can be dangerous if you do not adhere to the safety rules. In order to make certain that your whole family is safe and has a great time, here are a few of the most important rules to keep in mind before jumping in: Listen to the Lifeguard Lifeguards are there to protect […]

Communities Benefit from Enclosed Swimming Pools

A swimming pool that is enclosed by a retractable roof promises endless benefits to communities. We highlight some of the most notable benefits below: Swimming Pools Promote Fun and Fitness You will rarely come across a person who does not enjoy taking a dip in the pool. This is great news because swimming is actually […]

How to Get Fit for Swim Season

Keen to boost your strength and endurance for swim season? Worried that your form and style might need some work? Interested in getting fit so that you can perform even better in the pool? Here is how to go about it:  Swim  The easiest way to prepare your body for the swimming season is to […]

Tips for Improving Your Swim Style and Speed

Have you recently adopted swimming in your workout routine? Perhaps you are an experienced swimmer simply looking to up your game? Either way, we have some expert tips to share to help you see a notable improvement in your swim style and speed.  Visit the Pool as Often as Possible As with most things in […]

Put Your Health and Wellness First! The Incredible Medical Benefits of Swimming

Of all the exercises you could be doing, there are none that are as well-rounded in general health and full-body benefits as swimming. There is far more to this powerful cardiovascular workout than meets the eye, and medical practitioners, as well as fitness trainers, have long recognized its wealth of beneficial effects. If you’re looking […]
World's Most Incredible Pools

Add Inspiration to Your Training with the World's Most Incredible Pools

For many athletes, and even those who simply use swimming as a way in which to get fit and lose weight, swimming pools are so much more than just functional. The design of the swimming pool can provide inspiration and motivation to train at your best and for extended periods of time. With this in […]

Why Swimming Is the Best Sport for Seniors

Everything from aqua aerobics to swimming laps is a firm favorite among older adults, and for good reason. Here are a few of the benefits of swimming for seniors: Health Benefits Swimming is a great workout that will not only make your heart larger and stronger, but it will also improve your cardiovascular endurance. Furthermore, […]

Indoor Swimming Pool Cost, Maintenance, and Benefits for Homeowners

An indoor swimming pool is a popular dream for many homeowners. However, installing a pool in your home is a big step, and it will create a major change to your living space. Here are some tips to consider before you invest in an indoor swimming pool: The Benefits of Indoor Swimming Pools Fun Throughout […]

5 Essentials for Outdoor Living This Summer!

Summer is in full swing and if you aren’t enjoying the great weather, clear skies, and vibrant energy outdoors, then you are definitely missing out. In this blog post, we discuss five essentials for people who want to enjoy outdoor living this summer: Sunscreen Did you know that people who use a sunscreen with an […]
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