OpenAire’s retractable roof and glass front wall adds outdoor experience to pool area

The Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites located directly across from Pearson International Airport completed a nearly two-year, 1.5-million-dollar renovation project offering travelers from around the world a variety of new unique feature to make their stay in Toronto even more enjoyable. This project included improvements to the fitness center, the pool area, and the outdoor terrace. OpenAire’s contribution to this renovation is the custom operable enclosure over the swimming pool, which opens onto the adjacent outdoor terrace. Now guests can delight in the warmth of an outdoor-style pool any time of year under a retractable roof, which opens quickly and quietly to let in the warm, sunny weather, while closing securely in cold or inclement conditions. The custom designed 3,360 square foot enclosure includes six upward retracting roof panels that open and close at the touch of a button, as well as four sliding doors along the front wall opening the entire front wall and roof to the 2000sf terrace. OpenAire’s signature all aluminum structure allows the indoors to blend in with the outdoors seamlessly, creating a vibrant, naturally lit space.

“We have received an overwhelmingly warm and positive reception from our guests” said Melissa French, Silver Hotel Group.  “Our modern newly designed pool, outdoor terrace, fitness center and basketball court offers all of our guests, whether traveling on business or leisure, a unique experience like no other in our area.”

Guests can now enjoy the newly expanded outdoor terrace that opens up from the pool area to lounge around or plan their special event.  The outdoor patio boasts over 2,000 square feet and includes an upper deck hidden within a tree lined garden setting.

Among many projects this year, OpenAire has completed 7 custom retractable enclosures, is in-progress on 10 huge builds, and has just added 6 new structures

For over 25 years, OpenAire has been showing clients and partners around the world the benefits of efficient, customized retractable roof enclosures for waterparks, hotels, restaurants, health clubs, aquatic facilities, and residences. Now, more people than ever are discovering the OpenAire advantage for their properties, making 2016 one of the busiest years in the retractable roof specialist’s history. Currently, OpenAire has many retractable roof enclosure and operable skylight projects in progress, including 10 major projects in locations around the world and more than 6 others already completed this year. With this many innovative architectural projects internationally, OpenAire’s operable solutions are letting the world reach the skies. Here are some of the structures that OpenAire is making possible in 2016.

The Epic: Grand Central, Grand Prairie, TX: In 2015, the Texas city of Grand Prairie had the ambition to build a lasting recreational space in the spirit of New York's Central Park. To make their dream a reality, the City Council chose the best developers for the job, including OpenAire, to create Epic Waters for the Epic Grand Central. The Epic is a monumental complex that will provide 172 acres of concentrated recreation space for all of Grand Prairie's 185,000 citizens. The 62,000 square-foot (5,759.98 square meter) Epic Waters will be the largest indoor waterpark in the US under a single retractable roof.  This could only be made possible with OpenAire’s signature thermally broken aluminum construction, polycarbonate roof and insulating glass at all the vertical walls. The Epic will be completed in the fall of 2017 and will make for a world-class destination that truly reflects its name.

Sharjah Shopping Mall: OpenAire created a unique oval skylight for the centrepiece of the amazing 280,000 square-foot (26,012.85 square meter) Sharjah Shopping Mall in the United Arab Emirates. Built with a durable aluminum frame and glazed with insulating glass, this skylight will be the largest aluminum dome in the Middle East.  Measuring 242’-9” (74m) long by 154’-2”  (47m) wide and standing 68’-10” (21m) high, this skylight will cast the main retail areas in vibrant, inviting natural light. OpenAire is excited to be a part of this monumental project and looks forward to Sharjah Mall's completion at the end of 2016.

Diamond Park Waterpark, Gabala, Azerbaijan: This waterpark and amazing entrance area is truly one of a kind 96,356 square foot (8,956 square meter) structure.  At 56,100 square feet (5,214 square meters), it will be the largest waterpark in Azerbaijan. The enclosure measures 150’ (45.75m) by 362’-9” (110.72m) with an arched roof reaching 60 feet (18 meters) high at its peak and strikingly unique diamond-patterned sidewalls.  The curved roof includes 30 operable roof panels that open seamlessly in warm, sunny weather, blending the huge indoor waterpark with the open skies of the great outdoors and amazing views of the surrounding mountains.  Attached at one end is a slide tower measuring 49’-6” (15m) x 26’-3” (8m) and rising to a height of 77’ (23.3m), contributing another 1,300 square feet (120.77 square meters) to this already impressive structure.

Adding to the geometric patterned glass architecture, OpenAire created an entrance structure for the park that is also unprecedented. Cascading from the front of the waterpark, this impressive 40,256 square feet (3,896m) entrance area measures 86’-9” (277.55m), x 464’-0” (141.5m) with an unforgettable diamond-patterned glass façade. This amazing design is sure to be an experience unlike anything guests have seen before and is certain to get notice from architects worldwide.

Luzhniki Olympic Park, Moscow: Following its selection as host of the FIFA 2018 games, Russia is doing a major upgrade to the iconic Luzhniki Olympic Complex, which will feature a new design from OpenAire. Luzhniki will soon be home to an expansive indoor Aquapark facility with a customized 74,776 square foot (6,847 square meter) curved skylight with retractable roof panels. The aluminum-framed, polycarbonate glazed structure will create a unique environment for swimmers of all ages, opening up to the sun and fresh air of warm days, yet closing quickly and securely at the first sign of precipitation or in cold weather. The result is an outdoor-style pool that can operate and stay warm through Moscow's long cold winters. Opening in 2017, it will be an exciting compliment to a bold stadium design dating back to 1956.

Kalahari Resorts, Pocono Mountains: After completing a huge 72 foot by 150 foot (21.95 meter by 45.72 meter) custom retractable skylight for Kalahari Pocono Mountains’ original 100,000 square-foot Phase I in 2015, OpenAire is now onto building Phase II of the highly popular African-themed waterpark’s expansion, set to be completed in the fall of 2016. This new addition will add two 134 by 50-foot (40.84 by 15.24-meter) glazed roofs to the park, one with a 35’ (10.66m), high glass front wall and a glass gable end rising to a height of 50’ (15.2m), as well as two large 50 by 50-foot (45.72 by 45.72-meter) pyramid skylights and a 30’ x 40’ (9.14m x 12.2m) ridge skylight with retracting roof panels. In all, the expansion will add another 100,000 square feet to Kalahari Pocono Mountains, for a total of 200,000 square feet of indoor aquatic attractions under one roof, the largest of its kind in the United States. Guests are sure to love this naturally lit, expansive park as much as the first OpenAire addition.

The Plunge, San Diego: Located in Belmont Park, this historic San Diego swimming pool has operated since the 1930s, but needed to be closed in 2015 for renovations and repairs due to deterioration from moisture and pool chemicals. The newly renovated facility will include a spectacular OpenAire retractable enclosure with an expansive curved roof. At 21,000 square feet (6,400 square meters), this enclosure will give swimmers beautiful views of the skies and the adjacent Pacific Ocean, letting them enjoy ample fresh air and ocean breezes, while also staying true to The Plunge’s classic design.

The Hyatt House, Jersey City: Located on the historic site of the former First National Bank of Jersey City, this new 13-storey, 258-room hotel will offer visitors a spectacular stay in the heart of Jersey City’s waterfront, as well as fantastic views of the city and waterfront thanks to an attractive rooftop terrace design. OpenAire created a 3,520 square-foot (1,072.9 square-meter) motorized telescoping roof that will shelter the hotel’s inviting rooftop lounge. Located on the Hudson River directly across from the Freedom Tower, the lounge’s views of the New Jersey waterfront and the New York City skyline will be amazing. This rooftop enclosure creates an outdoor environment that can be used any time of year and will be the crowning touch on the Hyatt House when it opens at the end of the year.

Fitzhugh Aquatic Park: In the fall of 2016, the town of Batesville, Arkansas will unveil Fitzhugh Aquatic Park, which will offer the community both indoor and outdoor water facilities. While the outdoor section includes a dive pool, wading pool, water slide and more, the indoor section will feature an 8-lane swimming pool, splash pad, and heated therapy pool and bathhouse, all located in an expansive 95 by 224-foot (28.95 by 68.27 meter) enclosure designed and installed by OpenAire. This open-concept, 21,000 square-foot (6,400 square-meter) structure will allow visitors to Fitzhugh to enjoy sunlit aquatic fun any time of year thanks to its retractable panels, which open in warm conditions but offer shelter in cool or inclement weather. It’s a solution unlike anything before in Batesville.

All of these exciting upcoming projects do not even include the designs that OpenAire has already completed in 2016. Early this year, the Heritage Adult Living Community in El Dorado Hills, California opened a new 6,000 square-foot (1,828.8 square-meter) indoor pool for its fitness center, featuring a beautiful retractable glass enclosure from OpenAire. This vibrant new pool allows El Dorado residents to swim in the sunlight and fresh air of an outdoor environment any time of year. OpenAire also completed a 12,240 square-foot (3,730.75 square-meter) operable skylight for the new Cape Codder Indoor Water Park in Massachusetts this year, which will give the 30,000 square-foot (9,144 square-meter), family owned park the perfect outdoor aquatic atmosphere year-round. In Rapid City, South Dakota, WaTiki Waterpark commissioned OpenAire to build a 2,400 square-foot (731.5 square-meter) retractable roof addition onto its original 19,500 square-foot (5,943.6 square-meter) indoor waterpark, whose enclosure OpenAire had originally built in 2013. OpenAire’s first double-sloped operable enclosure design proved to be very successful; the new addition has helped WaTiki meet the growing demand from visitors to South Dakota who are looking for fun in the sun any time of year.

Beyond aquatic attractions, this year has also seen the completion of several projects for a variety of businesses, not to mention a number of beautiful private residential installations. Following the runaway success of its first retractable skylight installation in 2015, The Crooked Cue Pub and Pool Hall asked OpenAire to build a second retracting skylight structure for the other half of its roof. The new second skylight was completed this summer and will let the sun bathe the entire upper level in natural light, just as soon as The Crooked Cue completes its interior renovations. In Durango, Colorado, OpenAire’s operable design solutions have given students and researchers new learning opportunities at Fort Lewis College, where this year the retractable roofing specialist completed a new 350 square foot (106.68 square-meter) enclosure for the college’s state-of-the-art rooftop observatory. Just like the Crooked Cue, the structure retracts completely off the opening to make an unobstructed opening for the telescope.

Finally, the former Southway Inn, now The Waterford Retirement Community – Ottawa, and the Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites are both offering their residents and guests new OpenAire enclosures this year with incredible results. The Waterford Retirement Community – Ottawa will soon unveil what was an outdoor courtyard surrounded on all sides by buildings, and now is a year-round indoor atrium sheltered by a gracefully-curving, 6,200 square-foot (1,889.76 square-meter) retractable roof. In Toronto, the Hilton opened an elegant indoor pool with an open-concept retractable enclosure that meets and exceeds guests’ expectations of Hilton luxury.

Where will OpenAire go from here after this busy year? Onward and upward, of course! Several new projects are set to begin in 2017, which will see OpenAire collaborating with a range of prominent clients, including a new enclosure for recreation space at Omega Palisades; stacking glass roof designs for River Point Tower restaurant in Chicago and Landings Restaurant in Toronto; bi-parting roof for the Moxy Hotel in Washington DC; and two new telescoping skylights, one for a new restaurant at 150 State Street in Boston and another for a Boston Pizza restaurant in Toronto. Through it all, OpenAire remains committed to servicing each client’s customized needs with the utmost attention. After all, that is what has earned the company so much business in the first place.

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The Crooked Cue Restaurant and Pool Hall has a second retractable skylight following the success of its first

CrookedCue Toronto web

One year since cutting a hole in their existing roof and installing a brand new retractable OpenAire skylight over its second-floor lounge and dinning area, The Crooked Cue Pub and Pool Hall in Toronto has seen its business nearly double. New customers have come in unprecedented numbers to enjoy the family-owned local pool hall’s excellent menu and craft beer selections, all in the inviting sunlight and fresh air of the new upper lounge. Following this success, The Crooked Cue contracted OpenAire for a second retractable, skylight which will open even more of the venue to the skies.

The second retractable skylight is positioned over the other half of The Crooked Cue’s roof and, together with the first skylight, bathes nearly the entire restaurant in a naturally lit outdoor atmosphere year-round. The 20’ x 48’ glass skylight (960 square feet), is a mirror of the first skylight and also retracts completely off the opening, parking over the adjacent flat roof at the back. Constructed of OpenAire’s signature thermally broken aluminum frames, the skylight opens widely in fair weather at the touch of a button. Whenever the weather turns cold or rainy, the complete skylight closes quickly to provide shelter for guests while still offering natural light and attractive outdoor views. The result is a pool hall like no other; few venues offer their guests the chance to enjoy a game of pool, relax and have a meal or drink in the open sunshine and fresh air, but The Crooked Cue is able to offer this experience any time of year.

The Crooked Cue’s design combines inviting architecture with functional, efficient construction to create the best possible solution. OpenAire is proud to have been invited back to work with The Crooked Cue for a second time, using our team’s architectural expertise to make this family-owned landmark better than ever.

Historic San Diego Swimming Pool “The Plunge” Gets a Beautiful New Home from OpenAire.

OpenAire to build 21,000 square foot retractable enclosure for Belmont Park's Plunge swimming pool as part of major renovations.

One of San Diego, California's most iconic swimming pools will soon have a beautiful new enclosure, thanks in part to the innovative retractable and skylight firm OpenAire. The Plunge, a historic San Diego swimming pool in Mission Beach’s Belmont Park, has been closed for renovations and repairs, which will include a brand new curved-roof retractable enclosure, measuring 103'-7” by 203'-11 ¾”, with one full gable end and one upper gable end, built by OpenAire. One end of the enclosure is connected to an existing athletic club which is also being renovated and renamed FIT Athletic Club. To accommodate the club, OpenAire is constructing a 25’ wide two-story mezzanine within the enclosure, which runs the entire 203’ length.

Developer Pacifica Enterprises decided to construct a new enclosure for the facility when maintenance revealed that the 91-year-old pool required extensive repairs to the steel framed, lead painted structure. Dan Hayden, Director of Engineering for Pacifica stated, “The pool has had to endure a marine environment on the outside and a humid environment on the inside,” noting neither condition was favorable to the conventional materials used in the old building, which he said, “was literally disintegrating”. Renovations will restore the pool's floor with tiles that are faithful to its original design, while OpenAire's new freestanding enclosure will allow visitors to experience this historic pool in an entirely new way.

OpenAire's unique all aluminum, maintenance-free frame will withstand both the harsh interior and exterior environments that attacked the previous structure. The retractable enclosure solution will include 12 curved roof bays measuring 16 feet on center and stretching across the width of the building, 10 of which will have motorized operable panels that can open and close at the touch of a button. These bays will let in the direct sunshine and fresh air of warm days, while also providing shelter from cool or inclement weather. Whether open or closed, the polycarbonate panels will provide ample natural light, letting swimmers feel like they are in an outdoor pool in any weather. In combination with the opening roof, the vertical walls incorporate motorized windows and doors including four 11’ x 9’ high glass upward doors, ten 13’ x 8’ high double hung windows and fifteen 13’ x 4’ high pivot windows, to let in cross breezes and enhance the natural ventilation. The result will be a revolutionary open atmosphere that still maintains the original look of The Plunge.

“This design is going to give an amazing new experience to everyone who loves Belmont Park,” says Mark Albertine, President and CEO of OpenAire, “We are working closely with Belmont Park and their development partners to make sure these new renovations stay true to the spirit of The Plunge. OpenAire's enclosure integrates perfectly with the building next to it. There is a flat roof section at one end of our enclosure, which FIT Athletic Club’s architects designed with us so that the two buildings match seamlessly. It's a great example of how OpenAire is equipped to adapt our designs to our clients' specific needs.”

The Plunge first opened to the San Diego community in 1925 and was at the time the largest salt water pool in the world. It includes many distinctive features, which the renovators are working to preserve. In particular, the famous Wyland whaling mural on the south wall will be fully restored and cast in vibrant sunlight from the glazed operable roof above. The reopened pool will also use fresh water with a modern filtration system that requires far fewer chemicals than before. OpenAire's thermally broken aluminum frame will resist corrosion from all remaining chemicals and moisture, ensuring that The Plunge can continue offering an aquatic retreat to San Diego for decades to come. The renovation is sure to be a winning solution for everyone.

3,520 square-foot rooftop terrace enclosure will give visitors amazing views of New Jersey and New York City.

Renowned hotel developers Hyatt and Concord Hospitality Enterprises will soon welcome guests to a spectacular new destination in historic downtown Jersey City, New Jersey. The Hyatt House Jersey City hotel, located directly across from the Freedom Tower will offer 258 rooms and feature fantastic views of the New York City skyline just on the other side of the Hudson River thanks to a rooftop terrace and top-level lobby designed in partnership with retractable roof expert OpenAire. Sitting atop the 13 story building over the hotel’s inviting rooftop lounge, this motorized telescoping roof from OpenAire puts the crowning touch on the new Hyatt House, offering visitors over 3,520 square feet of beautiful outdoor space any time of year.

Built on the 92-year-old site of the former First National Bank of Jersey City at One Exchange Place, the newly renovated Hyatt House hotel will help revitalize this historic downtown neighborhood, offering an attractive destination to visitors and tourists, featuring fine dining and lounge space with those amazing views of New Jersey and New York City.

The rooftop lounge will give a truly outdoor atmosphere with a double-sloped roof divided into three telescoping sections. In warm, fair weather, the eastern section retracts under the middle section, which then retracts under the westernmost end, bathing the bar and terrace areas in sunshine and fresh air. In cool or inclement weather, the sections can close quickly and securely at the touch of a button, giving guests a warm, sunlit space no matter what the conditions outside. The enclosure’s glass panels let in ample sunlight even when closed. Guests can access the lounge through any of nine bi-folding glass doors, designed to make the space feel open to the elements.

“This is a major building project for Hyatt, Concord and Jersey City. OpenAire is very proud to add our retractable design expertise to it,” says Mark Albertine, President and CEO of OpenAire, “Our team has used its very best design features to create a space that fits this iconic building perfectly and puts the Jersey City and New York skylines on display. It’s going to be a landmark in Jersey City’s revitalized downtown.”

Built with OpenAire’s signature framing structure, the retractable glass enclosure will let in unobstructed natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting while also providing natural ventilation when its telescoping roof and bi-folding doors are open. This, combined with the design’s seamless integration with the building’s steel supports, make it a spectacular achievement for the city skyline. This great lounge space along with the hotel’s many other exciting features are sure to make the Hyatt House a staple destination in Jersey City for years to come.

See the Hyatt House rooftop lounge concept at:


rectangle roof

OpenAire builds a state-of-the-art retractable observatory enclosure for Fort Lewis’ new Geosciences, Physics and Engineering Hall

After 105 years of educating Colorado students in the arts and sciences, Fort Lewis College (FLC) in Durango, Colorado, is now home to a state of the art Geosciences, Physics and Engineering Hall, complete with a beautiful retractable enclosure observatory that will let students see the skies like never before. Fort Lewis College’s new observatory is housed under a retractable enclosure that brings the stars right into the classroom. Designed and built by retractable structure specialist OpenAire, this double slope enclosure measuring 15’ x 22’ with 5’ high sidewalls and two upper gable ends, retracts seamlessly over a fixed steel structure to give the facility’s large telescopes an unobstructed view of the city’s high-altitude skies.

The observatory is the capstone to the new 60,000 square-foot addition to FLC’s Berndt Hall. The four-floor building encompasses cutting-edge facilities and technology for the college’s rapidly-growing Geosciences, Physics and Engineering Departments. The rooftop observatory provides students and researchers with astronomical, optical and other physics research tools. Central to the observatory’s design is the OpenAire retractable enclosure, which slides off at the touch of a button, letting students and researchers use the telescopes in the outdoor environment during both summer and winter months. In cloudy or inclement weather, the enclosure can close quickly and quietly, ensuring the equipment stays safe from the elements.

“The observatory is going to be an important feature of FLC’s science programs for years to come. We’re proud to be a part of it,” says Mark Albertine, President and CEO of OpenAire. “Our experience designing unique structures around the world made us more than ready to accept the challenge of meeting the requirements for this project and we are pleased to add another amazing observatory to our portfolio. Our team worked closely with the College’s architect and our building partners to make an enclosure that fits the new building perfectly by integrating with the new steel structure supporting the retractable roof and cladding the enclosure with materials to match the new construction. The mix of functionality and beautiful design is a great addition for Fort Lewis College and makes an enormous contribution to what the College has to offer.”

The attractive, modern-themed enclosure will provide years of reliable service thanks to OpenAire’s custom craftsmanship and durable materials. With its sturdy, weatherproof design and precision-installed machinery, the enclosure will sit securely over the observatory building in any weather, requiring no maintenance thanks to its corrosion-proof aluminum frame construction. It’s a winning solution that will bring students new knowledge of the skies for generations to come.

See the new Geosciences, Physics and Engineering Hall being built now at:

Holiday Inn Resort acquires 20,000 square foot Pirate's Cay Indoor Water Park with an attractive retractable glass enclosure designed by OpenAire

For over a year, visitors to Sheridan, Illinois have found an exciting pirate themed destination to enjoy fun in the sun any time of year, with the incredible Pirate’s Cay Indoor Water Park at Fox River, originally built by Silverleaf Resorts. Silver Leaf chose operable roof specialist OpenAire to build an enclosure for the Pirate’s Cay after the success of its OpenAire enclosure at The Villages Resort in Texas. Silverleaf was delighted that OpenAire’s retractable solution extended The Village’s peak season year-round and wanted to bring this all-weather design to Fox River. Now, after offering tropical aquatic fun since late 2014, Pirate's Cay Indoor Water Park has been purchased by Holiday Inn’s Orange Lake Country Club, which will continue to operate this tropical getaway for families through all four seasons, thanks to the park’s soaring retractable glass enclosure designed and installed by OpenAire.

The freestanding, double-sloped enclosure includes two 24-foot-high glass sidewalls and spans 132 ft. by 148 ft., with two gable ends connecting seamlessly with the building's 24-foot-wide cupola and 93-foot-wide entrance building. The modern-styled structure’s motorized panels open to the warm sunshine and breezes of summer days, but close in cold or inclement conditions, keeping the entire 20,000 square foot park in a warm, brightly lit environment in any weather.

Upon opening in 2014, Pirate's Cay became the perfect retreat for guests looking to escape the cold Illinois winter and remained a hit all through the summer months. The park kept its popularity the following year as well. Guests can walk just steps from the main park to several restaurants, an arcade, event spaces and more, making the park a fully-featured destination that stays open in any weather. Even in heavy snowfall, the inch-thick insulated glazed polycarbonate and glass keeps the palm tree-lined park and its pools at a perfect 84°F (28°C). In warm weather, the opened roof eliminates the need for air conditioning and dehumidification, while the glazed panels remove the need for daytime lighting, creating a substantial savings for the park’s owners.

“Our work to build the enclosure for Pirate's Cay was very rewarding,” says OpenAire's President and CEO Mark Albertine, “We are proud to stand behind our work and continue supporting the resort under its new leadership. It was great to see the structure in the cold winter weather soon after it opened. The glazed, gently sloped roof directed accumulated snow down to the ground and gave guests a sunny, warm, outdoor atmosphere all season. We want to make sure that Orange Lake Country Club and Holiday Inn can continue operating Pirate’s Cay uninterrupted for many years to come.”

Maintaining the huge, soaring structure will not be a concern for Orange Lake Country Club or the Holiday Inn. The enclosure's thermally broken, rust-proof, extruded aluminum truss system is enamel-finished and withstands chlorine and other chemicals from the park's water systems. This cutting-edge technology ensures that humidity and condensation do not harm the structure at any time. All told, Pirate's Cay Indoor Water Park has become one of Sheridan, Illinois’ great attractions and is sure to offer year-round tropical fun to guests for years to come.

Successful retractable enclosures at YMCA facilities reduce operating costs, increase membership, and create stunning all-seasons environments for the community’s enjoyment

Since its inception over 25 years ago, OpenAire has believed in building retractable enclosure solutions that serve not only leading businesses and clients, but also the communities of which we are a part. One of the ways we have been able to make this vision a reality is through ambitious cooperation with the YMCA, which has allowed us to build no less than twelve stunning, all-seasons enclosure designs that enhance YMCA members’ experiences in communities across the United States, while also reducing operating costs for YMCA facilities.

One of OpenAire’s earliest associations in cooperation with the YMCA happened when the Mission Valley YMCA in San Diego, California was looking for a pool enclosure that would provide a warm, inviting, outdoor-style environment year round for members of all ages. There was, however, real concern from members that an enclosure would block out the sunlight and create a dull, closed atmosphere for the pool. The management was therefore drawn to OpenAire because of our track record of creating reliable, attractive and customized operable enclosures. The OpenAire team delivered an aluminum framed retractable roof enclosure that let in the abundant California sun while providing shelter year round, thus alleviating all concerns from the members. The owners of the Mission Valley YMCA were extremely impressed with their pool enclosure: “Prior to covering the pool, we had very little winter usage, and only limited evening usage. We now have a full pool…our aquatic income has increased over 40% since adding the cover…OpenAire has made a big difference to our YMCA,” said Dick Webster, Executive Director of the Mission Valley YMCA. Other locations later began to incorporate retractable enclosures at their facilities. These include: the Clark County YMCAs in Clark County and Vancouver, WA; Toby Wells Missle Park YMCA in San Diego; Magdalene Ecke YMCA in Encinitas, CA; McGrath YMCA in Rancho San Diego, CA; Copley Price YMCA in San Diego; Woodruff Family YMCA in Milford, CT; Bolivar YMCA in Bolivar, MO; Round Rock YMCA in Round Rock, TX; and Spring Valley Splash Pad in West Norriton, PA.

OpenAire’s designs have been able to solve different challenges for different YMCA locations. As with each of our projects, our experienced designers and engineers have created unique, functional, and visually striking structures with our YMCA facilities, building enclosures for pools and other facilities that blend organically with the existing centers while creating a stunning new look. OpenAire’s signature thermally broken aluminum framed structures offer unbeatable durability, resisting corrosion from moisture and pool chemicals and thus reducing maintenance costs for each location. Best of all, each OpenAire design creates a vibrant, naturally-lit environment that opens to the sunlight of warm days, yet closes securely in less favorable weather. This dynamic enclosure greatly reduces the need for lighting, air conditioning and ventilation while offering YMCA members an authentic outdoor environment all year. These YMCA facilities have reaped the benefits of their designs with significantly increased facility attendance and membership.

At Mission Valley, the center’s revenue from aquatic activities has increased more than 40% since opening their new enclosure. In Connecticut, the Woodruff Family YMCA’s original goal when partnering with OpenAire was to bring in 2,000 new members in two years. Instead, their new facility brought in 3,000 new members in just a few months. OpenAire’s solutions have also greatly exceeded many other YMCA locations’ dreams. It’s no small wonder why our work has earned so many repeat customers.

At OpenAire we are committed to making every enclosure design the best it can be for our clients. That commitment has not only earned repeat business with several YMCAs, but has also provided a great benefit for the communities they serve. OpenAire’s customized, adaptable designs have given YMCA members across the nation aquatic spaces that can be used all year round, no matter what the weather outside. And with our lightweight, low-maintenance, durable building techniques, YMCA owners can operate their facilities reliably for years. That’s a solution that enriches the entire community.

Discover how OpenAire can contribute to your community at:

WaTiki Waterpark, Kalahari, and Royal Caribbean are among the companies that have chosen OpenAire for multiple retractable installations

In 2005, the owners of Liv Hospitality in Rapid City, South Dakota saw an opportunity to create a year-round resort that would draw tourists visiting nearby attractions such as Mount Rushmore so they created the WaTiki Indoor Waterpark, an all-seasons family aquatic destination. To ensure their park could stay open all year and still provide a sunlit, outdoor atmosphere, WaTiki turned to leading specialist OpenAire, who designed and built a 19,500 square-foot double-sloped retractable roof enclosure. This vibrant, dynamic atmosphere amazed guests and WaTiki quickly became a great success, drawing many tourists thanks to its great design and prime location.

The initial enclosure was such a hit that in 2010 WaTiki called on OpenAire once again, this time to add an operable enclosure to their restaurant, Slider’s Bar & Grill. The addition fit seamlessly with the rest of the park (a waterslide even passes through the bar area). Just a few years later in 2015, WaTiki returned to OpenAire again to build a 2,400 square foot addition to its original enclosure for extra seating. This beautiful, retractable enclosure was completed this year and is sure to be a hit with the park’s many visitors. The power and reliability of OpenAire’s work has been proven in WaTiki’s rapidly expanding business and the popularity of its unique operable enclosures. WaTiki’s management has learned that they can depend on the OpenAire team to make their visions for the park a reality.

WaTiki is not the only business that has returned to work with OpenAire after a successful partnership; OpenAire earns repeat clients frequently with its functional and breathtaking structures. From the North American Kalahari Resorts and Waterparks to the world-renowned Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines to popular local venues such as the Crooked Cue Pool Hall in Toronto, many companies have invited OpenAire back for multiple projects.

Kalahari first partnered with OpenAire in 2014 to create a system of expansive skylights and enclosures for the 100,000 square foot Phase I of its Pocono Mountains resort in Pennsylvania. Guests and management alike were in awe of the new space’s open environment that provides brightly lit, naturally ventilated outdoor park space in any conditions. This impressive result led Kalahari to partner with OpenAire again for Phase II of the park’s expansion. This addition will grow the park to 200,000 square feet, making it the largest indoor waterpark under one roof in the United States.

OpenAire has also earned a strong reputation with Royal Caribbean, providing an innovative structural solution to enclose the top-deck swimming pools on the company’s Quantum series of cruise liners. Beginning with the Quantum of the Seas in 2013, followed with Anthem of the Seas in 2014 and Ovation of the Seas in 2015, OpenAire’s engineers developed two 30’ x 100’ lean-to enclosure designs whose roof and sidewalls can retract and open seamlessly to expose the pool to the sun and sea breezes of the open ocean. These thermally broken aluminum enclosures resist corrosion from pool chemicals and salty sea air. The success of Quantum has led Royal Caribbean to commission similar enclosures for a fourth ship in the series, which OpenAire is working on currently.

OpenAire is not limited to large-scale projects; in Toronto, the company partnered with the family-owned restaurant and pool hall The Crooked Cue to create a beautiful second-floor 20’ x 48’ opening skylight. This skylight retracts completely off the opening and parks over the adjacent roof, allowing guests to enjoy great food and drink in an outdoor environment, and actually with skylight being all glass, any time of year. The location was closed for only 45 days, and when it reopened, the newly renovated restaurant and pool hall doubled its business, at one point attracting as many guests in a week as it had in one month the previous year. The Crooked Cue’s owner was able to pay off the investment in the structure very quickly. As a result, this year The Crooked Cue asked OpenAire to replicate the retractable roof for the other half of the pub, which is sure to bring in even more guests year-round.

OpenAire is a company dedicated to quality, solution-based designs. Our engineering and design teams focus on building the best, most enduring structures to fit clients’ needs. We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients and build partners and are always ready to provide support, anywhere in the world. With this commitment, it’s little wonder why our work has earned us so many repeat customers. Whether you own a landmark tourist destination, a local community venue or a private residence, we are sure our work can inspire you to partner with us again and again as well.


Cape Codder's New Waterpark Enclosure designed and built byOpenAire Lets Cape Codder Resort & Spa Offer Aquatic Fun All Year -
Massachusetts hotel and resort opens indoor waterpark with 12,240 square-foot retractable-skylight created by OpenAire

Cape Codder's New Waterpark Enclosure

After years of serving Massachusetts as a highly popular family vacation getaway, the Cape Codder Resort and Spa in Hyannis, MA, is proud to unveil a brand new indoor waterpark with a 12,240 square-foot retractable skylight from OpenAire that will offer aquatic fun all year. The 30,000 square-foot Cape Codder Water Park will feature two body slides, a 300-foot lazy river with waterfalls and rapids, a spray deck for children, and a water-play area for toddlers, all with a year-round outdoor atmosphere thanks to an elegant double-sloped retractable skylight designed and installed by OpenAire.

Cape Codder had featured a popular indoor wave pool, 50- and 80-foot water slides and a 24-person whirlpool for years, but as the resort attracted more guests, these attractions struggled to keep up with demand. The owners of Cape Codder envisioned a warm, open-concept expansion to the park that would change it from a small-scale attraction to an unforgettable destination that is usable year round.

OpenAire stepped forward, partnering with Rescom Architectural Inc., and East Coast Commercial to make this vision a reality. The result of our work is a pristine double-sloped skylight with vertical glass ends.

Measuring 85 feet by 144 feet long, this skylight features ten bays, eight of which include a retractable panel on each slope, plus rafter extensions that offer an extra 5 feet of opening space per panel. These panels open and close at the touch of a button, allowing fresh Atlantic breezes and sunshine to stream in during the summer, yet also offering well-insulated, naturally-lit shelter during cold or inclement weather. This new and improved waterpark will let guests at the family-owned resort swim and slide in the Cape Cod sun in any season.

“We are excited to be part of this innovative renovation,” says Mark Albertine, President and CEO of OpenAire, “Our team is dedicated to bringing the best solutions to every project and working creatively with partners, and the new enclosure at Cape Codder reflects this attitude. Our new design compliments the park’s exciting attractions excellently.”

Aside from being an attractive, dynamic space for the park, the skylight offers many functional benefits, including a reduced need for lighting and ventilation, as well as much lower operating costs. The structure's glazed paneling and aluminum frame are fully corrosion-proof, resisting chlorine from the pools and moist salt air from the Atlantic coast with no maintenance required.

This adds up to an energy savings of nearly 27% compared to conventional structures. It's a winning design solution that is sure to modernize Cape Codder Resort and Spa's business and create a beautiful, functional landmark in the Cape Cod area for years to come.

See the Cape Codder's New Waterpark Enclosure video near completion at: