OpenAire completes a uniquely designed retractable skylight for the new Barcelona Tavern’s all-season outdoor patio in Toronto

Toronto’s inviting Liberty Village neighborhood is now home to delicious Mediterranean cuisine in a relaxed, inviting space at the new Barcelona Tavern, featuring a uniquely designed OpenAire enclosure with a retractable roof. The beautiful, dynamic structure lets Barcelona Tavern offer outdoor patio seating in all seasons and leave guests inspired.

Barcelona Tavern’s 32-foot-long by 33-foot-deep, sloped patio roof design is divided into two sections, one of which telescopes neatly under the other, providing diners with an outdoor space that feels almost “roofless.” The patio’s two 13’ high corner sidewalls, one 33’ long and the other 39’ long, open along their entire lengths with expansive bi-folding windows that fold out to let in abundant fresh air. Even when closed, the enclosure’s transparent, aluminum-framed glass panels offer open views of the skies, while the large open-concept sidewalls will provide a great vantage point to see what this vibrant downtown community has to offer.

"We are very happy to bring another unique retractable concept to a growing area like Liberty Village, not to mention helping a successful restaurant like Barcelona Tavern grow its business in this city," said Mark Albertine, President and CEO of OpenAire. "We worked with the project’s architects, IBI Group and Greystone Design Group Inc., to create a solution that fits the spirit of Barcelona Tavern and its neighborhood excellently."

This restaurant is Barcelona Tavern’s second location. Its original location in Calgary has become a highly popular and excellently-reviewed staple of the city’s international cuisine market. This prime new Toronto location, combined with OpenAire’s adaptable and durable skylight, is sure to help the newly expanded restaurant become more successful than ever. The skylight allows Barcelona Tavern to use its all-season outdoor patio seating in any weather and at any time of year, making full use of its dining space at all times. This year-round usability and low maintenance costs from the structure’s high-quality materials are sure to bring exceptional business opportunities and ROI for Barcelona Tavern in the years to come.

Barcelona Tavern's All-Season Outdoor Patio

all-season outdoor patio

Owners of Sixty Vines new uptown location in Dallas will have a one-of-a-kind 1,400 sq. ft. retractable roof greenhouse from OpenAire

The prestigious Crescent complex in Uptown Dallas is about to get a new year-round patio enclosure for wine lovers to enjoy any time of the year. Sixty Vines, is a wine-centric restaurant established in Plano, Texas, and has now opened a new location in the heart of Uptown Dallas. Sixty Vines Uptown is a 9,430 square foot restaurant with 1,150 patio and a unique 1,400 square-foot outdoor greenhouse seating area, featuring a retractable roof designed and built by OpenAire. This dynamic enclosure will be the perfect outdoor-style place for groups, parties or wine happy hours, no matter what the weather.

OpenAire’s double-sloped enclosure is now under construction and will measure 62 ft. by 23 ft., providing ample seating and party space. The aluminum-framed, glass-panelled roof features 3 bays of motorized, operable roof panels on either side of the slope that will open and close at the touch of a button. The 8-foot-high side walls will also feature five pairs of swing doors, each approximately 3 feet wide by 8 feet high, which together with the roof panels will create a truly outdoor atmosphere full of fresh air. Imagine enjoying a great meal with a fantastic glass of wine under a vibrant greenhouse skylight filled with fresh air and surrounded by a beautiful garden any time of year.

Sixty Vines quickly became a favorite for its innovative approach to serving wine on tap with a menu featuring wine country cuisine. The open kitchen delights every sense with a way of cooking that celebrates seasonal produce, infused olive oils, sustainable seafood, locally raised beef and poultry, artisanal pizzas, charcuterie and rusting breads – all served with a perfectly paired glass of wine. From the ability to serve each glass at the perfect temperature to the promise that the last glass will taste just as fresh as the first, wine on tap is redefining how wine is served.

Just like Sixty Vines creates the perfect pouring conditions for their wines with the temperature-controlled tap system, OpenAire’s exclusive retractable enclosure system will create the ideal outdoor lighting and temperatures for guests to enjoy their favorite wines at any time of year. The operable panels will provide a sunlit, outdoor space on fair days, and also allow the greenhouse to keep operating in rainy or cold weather. In effect, Sixty Vines Uptown will be able to creating unique year-round dining from OpenAire’s custom design, just like hundreds of other restaurants worldwide have found since OpenAire’s first project. OpenAire is proud to bring these advantages to Sixty Vines and looks forward to the amazing experiences that the bar will bring to the Crescent’s vibrant neighborhood in Dallas.

Restaurants, hotels, bars, and other commercial venues around the world have been thrilled with the customized retractable roof and skylight solutions provided by OpenAire. Gusto 101 in Toronto, for example, has seen an 85% increase in revenue since they turned their second-floor outdoor patio into a year-round indoor/outdoor space with an OpenAire telescoping roof and operable walls. The Crooked Cue Pub and Pool Hall, also located in Toronto, has enjoyed tremendous growth in visitors and a 200% increase in summer revenue over previous years. In 2015, the family-owned pub hired OpenAire to cut a hole in the roof of their 45-year-old pool hall and literally let the sunshine in with a 20 ft. by 48 ft. retractable skylight over the second-floor location. The Crooked Cue had such success with their first renovation that in 2016, they added another identical retractable skylight over the other half of the same pub. These are only two examples of the ways OpenAire retractable roofs continue to bring impressive growth to restaurants around the globe.

OpenAire retractable roofs and skylights bring many additional benefits to restaurant owners compared to traditional outdoor patios or other renovation concepts. No matter what the weather outside, OpenAire roofs offer an inviting, outdoor-style experience to diners. Perhaps best of all, an OpenAire skylight lets restaurants keep their patio seating open year-round, effectively doubling their capacity during winter or colder months.

OpenAire has completed a variety of new customized retractable roofs and skylights for restaurants around North America in 2016 and 2017. These retractable roof designs have continued OpenAire’s tradition of creating durable, unique environments that match specifications of the restaurant owners, developers, and architects and are used to attract many new visitors from far and wide.

Here is a look at the restaurants whose businesses are being transformed by OpenAire roofs and skylights.

The Crooked Cue – Toronto, ON: This 20 ft. x 48 ft. glass skylight was installed over half of the pub’s upper level in the summer of 2016. Another, identical skylight had been installed in 2015 with great success. Both skylights slide completely off the openings onto the adjacent flat roofs creating unobstructed views year-round.

Barcelona Tavern – Toronto, ON: The Barcelona Tavern is enclosed in a 1,000-sq.-ft. glass enclosure measuring more than 1,000 square feet from OpenAire. The new enclosure divides into two telescoping sections, with the smaller sliding under the larger to open along with its fully retractable sidewalls.

Boston Pizza – Toronto, ON: This new Boston Pizza restaurant in downtown Toronto features an operable aluminum-framed skylight almost 50 ft. long and 30 ft. wide developed by OpenAire, which slides open in three telescoping sections. This skylight is the first of its kind in any Boston Pizza location.

Gibsons Italia at River Point – Chicago, IL: The new Gibsons Italia steakhouse at River Point Tower’s rooftop restaurant in downtown Chicago features a single-slope lean-to enclosure measuring approximately 70 ft. long by 23 ft. deep. The enclosure’s 12’ high front wall includes three 20’ x 10’ high bi-folding doors which completely opens the front wall to unobstructed views of the Chicago River.

Hyatt House – Jersey City, NJ: The newly renovated 13-storey Hyatt House Jersey City hotel features a rooftop bar and lounge with a 3,600 sq. ft. double-slope telescoping enclosure from OpenAire, whose bi-folding doors give a seamless transition between the indoor enclosure and the outdoor terrace, providing unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline outside.

Kellys Landing – Toronto, ON: Kellys Landing is the first location in the Landing Group of restaurants to feature a single-slope roof, measuring 30 ft. x 44 ft., divided into three telescoping bays along the slope. The bottom two panels retract under the top fixed glass panel, uncovering the patio to the skies above and creating a truly unique outdoor-style dining experience in the middle of downtown Toronto.

The MOXY Hotel – Washington, D.C.: OpenAire’s team has designed and built a 20-ft. x 42-ft. restaurant and rooftop bar enclosure with two 11-foot-long bi-parting roof panels on the penthouse mezzanine (fourteenth floor) of this brand-new hotel.

Pick 6ix – Toronto, ON: Pick 6ix is a new restaurant and bar created by hip-hop superstar Drake, featuring a 2,100-square-foot OpenAire enclosure with five retracting roof panels, each measuring 12’ by 12’. The 9’-8” high front wall includes five drop-down windows that create an open patio environment for guests to enjoy throughout the year.

Sixty Vines Uptown – Dallas, TX: Sixty Vines, a trendsetting wine bar, will soon open their second location in Dallas. Sixty Vines Uptown will feature a unique 1,400 square-foot outdoor greenhouse with a 62 ft. by 23 ft. retractable roof from OpenAire. The enclosure will feature 3 bays of motorized, operable roof panels to create the ideal outdoor conditions at any time of year.

150 State Street – Boston, MA: An historic 4,600-square-foot property in downtown Boston will soon feature a new rooftop indoor/outdoor patio enclosed by an OpenAire double-slope telescoping skylight.

3080 Yonge and Lawrence – Toronto, ON: This new property at 3080 Yonge Street includes a vibrant restaurant terrace featuring a 120’ x 18’ single-slope retractable skylight from OpenAire. The enclosure will be able to operate either as a single unit or as two separate sections for greater flexibility in operations.

711 Building – Columbus, OH: This brand-new rooftop restaurant features a 1,200-square-foot retractable glass patio enclosure atop the ninth floor of the new 711 Building in Columbus’ Short North neighborhood when it is completed in 2018.

These projects are only a small example of OpenAire’s retractable design portfolio. Dozens of other customized, fully-functional operable enclosures of all scales and sizes have been built for restaurant owners throughout North America and Europe, with more soon underway. No matter where your business is located, our design team is able to create unique structures for rooftops, patios, courtyards, entertainment centers, sports bars, and even wineries and breweries. Contact us today to find out how you can add the sky to your design!

The new 3,520-square-foot rooftop terrace enclosure gives guests panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline all year long

Jersey City, New Jersey now has an amazing addition to the Exchange Place neighborhood with the completion of its newest local hotel, Hyatt House Jersey City Hotel, located on the city’s waterfront. Developed by Hyatt and Concord Hospitality Enterprises, the Hyatt House offers visitors 12 floors, terrace bar, rooftop, and 258 rooms of inviting accommodations, all crowned by an incredible new rooftop lounge. Located on the Hudson River directly across from the Freedom Tower, visitors will be awed by an amazing panoramic view of New York City. Guests, locals and tourists alike are able to enjoy this fantastic rooftop space year-round thanks to a customized retractable roof and glass enclosure designed and installed by OpenAire.
The lounge/bar is over 110 feet long and over 32 feet wide, big enough for events and parties of all sizes. The 3,520-square-foot glass-enclosed structure has a roof that is built in three telescoping sections, which open and close at the touch of a button, and walls that fold completely open to the adjacent rooftop terrace. When fully open the walls and roof disappear to let in incredible city views, creating a one of a kind destination.

On sunny days, two of the roof sections retract under the third exposing the lounge completely to the open skies and fresh air. In cold or inclement weather, the roof and walls will still provide excellent views of the Manhattan skyline across the Hudson River, but will keep guests comfortable in a temperature-controlled environment, that is usable on the coldest days of winter. It is an ideal place to enjoy great food and drinks while experiencing the sights and sounds of New Jersey.

Hyatt House Jersey City is an adoptive re-use of the 97-year-old former First National Bank of Jersey City at One Exchange Place. Hyatt, Concord Hospitality, and OpenAire are all excited to unveil this unique and attractive venue, which is bringing new life and business to the heart of Jersey City. With its one-of-a-kind combination of classical architecture, modern designs, and exceptional rooftop views, the Hyatt House is sure to become a destination in Jersey City for years to come.

Visit the Hyatt House rooftop lounge online at and

Waterparks with OpenAire retractable roofs have been listed among the top around the globe for nearly 30 years. Most recently, two of OpenAire’s retractable waterpark designs have earned places on US News & World Report’s list, “30 Top Indoor Water Parks around the World.” A quick look into any of these parks makes it easy to see why. OpenAire’s versatile aluminum frames and expansive glazed panels bring the best of the outdoors into indoor waterparks of all sizes like no other enclosure, all year long. Park visitors don’t just get to enjoy vibrant sunshine as they explore a park’s exciting attractions; they also get to experience the fresh air of the outdoors – and maybe even get a tan – when the enclosures open in fair weather. When the weather turns cold or inclement, the enclosures provide shelter at the touch of a button. This is why, regardless of the weather or season, waterparks with OpenAire roofs guarantee day and night fun.

The two waterparks that made it onto this worldwide list are Zehnder’s Splash Village in Frankenmuth, MI, ranked at #7; and Kalahari Resorts & Conventions Pocono Mountains in Pocono Mountains, PA, ranked at #20. These highly successful indoor parks rank alongside world-class facilities from the United States, France, Germany, China and more.

Zehnder’s Splash Village had operated as a popular seasonal waterpark since 2005 until its owners decided to build an extension featuring a year-round 29,000-square-foot retractable roof enclosure from OpenAire in 2014. The new facility gave Zehnder’s guests many thrilling new attractions, all bathed in beautiful sunshine throughout the year. The response from park goers was overwhelming; “We expected that [with visitor growth], in year three or four of our proforma we could get to $2 million in day passes,” says John Shelton, VP Sales and Marketing for Zehnder’s Splash Village, “We were able to do that in the first year of opening.”

Kalahari Pocono Mountains worked with OpenAire on a massive two-phase expansion of their African-themed indoor waterpark, totaling 220,000 sq. ft. When Phase II of the expansion opened in 2017, Kalahari became the largest indoor waterpark in the United States. OpenAire created a series of customized fixed and retractable skylights, three sloping clearstory windows, and glass wall enclosures to provide as much natural light as possible throughout the park. OpenAire is very proud to have completed this multi-year project with Kalahari Resorts and Conventions, which has allowed thousands of families from across the northeastern United States to experience an outdoor-style aquatic environment on an unprecedented scale.

OpenAire is honored to contribute to these indoor waterparks that now rank among the Top 30 in the world. Since 1989, the company has created hundreds of other customized retractable designs for waterparks around the world, many of which have also earned awards for their owners. Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark in Grand Prairie, Texas, opened in early 2018 and was soon listed as #2 on Texas Hill Country’s Top 5 Indoor Waterparks in Texas. Travel Channel also listed it as #5 on its list of the 8 Most Incredible Indoor Waterparks in the United States (and Epic Waters truly is incredible; having set the record for the largest indoor waterpark under a single curved retractable roof). Two more OpenAire designs also made Travel Channel’s list of incredible parks: WaTiki Indoor Waterpark in Rapid City, SD ranked #7; while Kalahari Pocono Mountains earned the #2 rank. Earlier, OpenAire also built the world’s largest aluminum dome for Aqua Sferra’s Aquapark in Donetsk, Ukraine. Measuring 278 ft. in diameter, covering 61,000 sq. ft. and standing 86 ft. high, the dome includes four huge triangular panels that can slide open or shut at the touch of a button.

OpenAire has been committed to creating remarkable design solutions for clients around the world for nearly 30 years. Since 1989, our team of architects, designers, and engineers has created close to 1,000 customized retractable roofs and enclosures, transforming ordinary spaces into unforgettable sunlit environments. Over the years, OpenAire’s precision-engineered solutions have provided year-round outdoor-style spaces and won praise not just from clients and their customers, but also from leading industry reviewers. From Monday, April 9 to Wednesday, April 11, 2018, OpenAire will showcase these award-winning retractable roof designs, as well as its many design capabilities, at the annual DEAL (Dubai Entertainment and Leisure) Show at the Dubai World Trade Center in Dubai, UAE. Visitors to DEAL 2018 can find OpenAire at Booth Z2-122. OpenAire and its clients have received many awards and recognitions for their excellence. Here are only a few awards that our clients’ facilities have received in the past few years.

At the end of February 2018, three waterparks that feature custom OpenAire retractable enclosures were ranked among the top eight waterparks in the United States. Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark in Grand Prairie, Texas, was named number five on Travel Channel’s list of “8 Most Incredible Indoor Water Parks” in the United States, only a few months after the 80,000-sq.-ft. park opened to the public. Two other waterparks that feature OpenAire enclosures also earned places on Travel Channel’s rankings: Kalahari Resorts and Conventions Pocono Mountains in Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, listed at number two; and WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort in Rapid City, South Dakota, listed at number seven. Epic Waters also ranked number two on Texas Hill Country’s list of “Top 5 Indoor Water Parks in Texas.”

Aquatic parks are not the only venues that have won awards with OpenAire designs. The Refinery Hotel’s Refinery Rooftop bar in New York City’s Garment District has earned a total of five awards for its unique rooftop retractable roof and enclosure design, most recently the rank of number one hotel rooftop bar in the United States by USA Today’s 10Best Reader’s Choice Awards in 2017. This is the second time The Refinery Rooftop has won the top place in this award, the first being in 2015. The Refinery Hotel opened the beautiful retractable enclosure from OpenAire in 2013. The Refinery Rooftop Bar has also won a Restaurant & Bar Design Award in 2014, the SBID International Design Award for Hotel Design in 2015, and a spot on The Telegraph’s Top 10 Best Hotels in Manhattan in 2016.

Meanwhile, the City of Grand Prairie, TX was also awarded the National Recreation and Parks Association’s (NRPA) prestigious 2017 Gold Medal Award. The NRPA Gold Medal Award recognizes communities across the United States that have demonstrated “excellence in long-range planning, resource management and innovative approaches to delivering superb park and recreation services.” Grand Prairie and its residents have been committed to ambitious parks planning for many years, developing over 5,000 acres of park space to date. OpenAire’s work on Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark helped Grand Prairie secure the Gold Medal, demonstrating a sustainable, energy efficient and community-oriented design style. The structure lets in sunshine and fresh air year-round, creating a warm summer atmosphere for guests and saving energy costs by up to 27% yearly. OpenAire is very pleased that the NRPA and thousands of others have recognized the advantages of this progressive-thinking building style.

Recently, one of OpenAire’s unique installations became part of an award-winning Royal Caribbean cruise liner. Royal Caribbean’s Quantum-series cruise ships chose OpenAire to design attractive retractable roof and walls/windows to shelter their upper-deck pool and bar, adding an awe-inspiring feature to guests’ experiences. The second liner to feature OpenAire’s enclosure, Anthem of the Seas, was voted Cruise Hive magazine’s Best New Cruise Ship of 2015 by a majority of readers. Since then, OpenAire has completed an enclosure for Ovation of the Seas and is currently working on the fourth ship, Spectrum of the Seas.

The Gusto 101 diner in Toronto’s trendy Fashion District began its life as an abandoned industrial auto body shop. The restaurant’s owners wanted to create a diner atmosphere that was retro yet innovative. OpenAire offered them just the right solution: a telescoping all-glass retractable skylight and enclosure for the restaurant’s rooftop patio. This stylish design caught the attention of Hospitality Design (HD) Magazine, which “[honors] the achievements of superior design and architecture in spaces around the globe.” HD’s panel of industry experts chose Gusto 101 as the 2013 winner for Best Restaurant Design (Casual/Quick Service). It’s a distinction that hundreds of satisfied guests agree with.

In 2015, Etobicoke, Ontario’s landmark pool hall and restaurant The Crooked Cue was looking for a way to revitalize its location. OpenAire offered the solution they needed with a double-sloped, 20 ft x 48 ft skylight that retracts completely off the opening, allowing for direct sunshine and fresh air that turns the pool hall and restaurant into an outdoor patio. OpenAire’s team also collaborated with the owners to create a new interior design. The renovated and decorated restaurant and pool hall reopened and caught the attention of two major Canadian TV networks, TSN and the CBC, who each awarded The Crooked Cue a place on their lists of “Canada’s Top Pool Halls” for its great atmosphere and entertainment. The new enclosure proved so successful that The Crooked Cue installed another, identical skylight over the other half of its upper floor in 2016.

Since our first project, OpenAire has been dedicated to exceeding expectations and delivering the very best solutions. Our customized retractable roofs and enclosure designs are built to match our clients’ unique specifications and needs, providing energy efficiency, durable engineering, and awe-inspiring architecture. The fact that our work has helped our clients earn prestigious awards from around the world is the greatest honor we could receive. We hope that our next award-winning project can be for you!

Pool operators everywhere are looking for ways to get the most out of their facilities to satisfy guests and keep operating costs sustainable. Both indoor and outdoor pools have advantages and drawbacks that owners must consider when planning their operations, but what if there was a way to have all the design advantages of both indoor and outdoor pools with virtually none of the disadvantages? OpenAire retractable roof enclosures give this solution to hundreds of swimming pool buildings around the globe, letting them operate year-round and providing long-term cost savings. Our customizable aluminum-framed architectural designs can fit into any pool’s design, whether it is a junior Olympic pool or a large aquatic facility and create the ideal indoor/outdoor swimming pool structure. Here are the top reasons why retractable roofs bring pools year-round benefits.

Increased Attendance and New Amenities
OpenAire solutions attract and delight guests by satisfying the human craving to be outdoors. Our indoor-outdoor designs create all-season, sunlit environments that let pools maintain the perfect swimming conditions and temperature throughout the year. Even in the depths of winter, OpenAire aquatic structures give guests the warm, summer atmosphere of a truly outdoor pool. By operating year-round, owners are able to expand their aquatic programming to attract increased numbers of guests throughout the year.

Revenue Growth
By creating outdoor atmospheres through all seasons, OpenAire enclosures give owners and users 365 days a year of reliable operations with no off-season. Many facilities have seen their revenue increase dramatically as users come back throughout the year to enjoy the warm and inviting swimming environment. This turns pools into more cost-effective solutions that might not have been possible otherwise.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
OpenAire enclosures’ operable roof panels open and close at the touch of a button, letting in natural light and fresh air and reducing the need for lighting during the day. When the roof is open, operators turn off their dehumidification systems, reducing energy use and costs. Even when roof panels are closed, the enclosure has some winter solar heat gain, while the thermally broken aluminum frames resist heat transfer and condensation. All these features contribute to pool owners saving up to 27% in energy annually.

Improved Air Quality
The abundant fresh air from OpenAire’s dynamic enclosures lets pool operators keep an ideal temperature and excellent air quality indoors, unlike traditional indoor swimming environments. Opening the roof and the walls (via doors and windows) creates a natural chimney effect, moving chemical laden air up and away from swimmers and staffers. Many pools that feature OpenAire structures report improved air quality and a more pleasant atmosphere, which encourages swimmers to take longer, more frequent stays in the pool area.

Virtually Maintenance-Free
OpenAire’s aluminum frames are also corrosion resistant and require virtually no maintenance compared to steel structures, minimizing pool area “down time”. Our baked-on paint technique does not require repainting and also resists rust and corrosion damage, saving owners even more on long-term costs.

Research shows that now is the right time for aquatic venues, including municipal venues, to invest in new facilities or features. According to a study by the World Waterpark Association and cited by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), while traditional flatwater pools in the United States attract an average attendance of about 100 guests daily, new aquatic facilities are attracting more than 500-750 guests daily. This is why the development of aquatic centers and municipal waterparks is currently one of the fastest growing segments in the United States’ water leisure industry.

Many swimming pools are able to bring remarkable new services to their communities with OpenAire; for example, Pocahontas Aquatic Center in Randolph County, AR, was able to add new pools and a waterpark to its indoor/outdoor facility. Clarksville Aquatic Center in Clarksville, AR is now able to offer competitive swim and scuba training in natural light without glare. Allan Witt Aquatics Complex in Fairfield, CA was once a disused pool building, but now offers a greatly expanded aquatic program with everything from competitive swimming to a children’s splash pool. Many YMCAs have also benefited from adding a retractable roof enclosure, increasing their membership by 30 to 40 percent on average. A few successful projects include: the Woodruff Family YMCA in Milford, CT; Copley-Price Family YMCA & Mission Valley YMCA in San Diego, CA; and Magdalena Ecke YMCA in Encintas, CA.

These are only some of the facilities that have seen tremendous success with OpenAire’s indoor/outdoor enclosures. Visit our large Aquatic Portfolio to see more examples here. To discover how OpenAire can bring year-round benefits to your swimming pool, contact our expert team for a free consultation today. The possibilities are sky high.

Three of eight of the “most incredible Indoor water parks” in the USA are within enclosures by OpenAire. Only two months after opening to the public, Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark in Grand Prairie, Texas is already enjoying success as epic as its name. The 80,000 square foot waterpark, developed and operated by the City of Grand Prairie, celebrated its grand opening in January. The retractable roof waterpark enclosure from OpenAire has been providing Epic Waters guests with a bright warm sunlit, summer atmosphere every day this winter. Guests are delighted with the park’s expansive outdoor-style environment. Since opening, Epic Waters has not only attracted full-capacity attendance every weekend; it has also earned a #2 rank on Texas Hill Country’s Top 5 Indoor Water Parks in Texas and a #5 rank on Travel Channel’s 8 Most Incredible Indoor Water Parks in the United States!

Both Texas Hill Country and Travel Channel mention Epic Waters’ retractable roof as a distinct feature, and it’s easy to see why. Epic Waters’ huge glazed enclosure and 40 curved motorized retracting roof panels give visitors a stunning vista of natural light and open skies year-round. The roof opens to let in abundant sunshine and fresh air in fair weather while offering shelter in cold or inclement conditions. It is the perfect blend of the indoors and outdoors, keeping ideal temperatures and air quality inside through natural ventilation and lighting. This not only gives guests an amazing year-round destination; it is also projected to save Epic Waters up to 27% annually on energy costs.

These same benefits have also put two more OpenAire destinations on Travel Channel’s Top 8 list: Kalahari Resorts and Conventions’ Pocono Mountains in Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania (ranked #2) and WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort in Rapid City, South Dakota (ranked #7). These two parks may differ in size and style, but both have seen tremendous success and visitor satisfaction thanks in part to the advantages of their all-season retractable enclosures. With irresistible outdoor atmospheres, year-round usability and lower energy costs, OpenAire’s retractable roof enclosure solutions are giving the BEST waterparks in the USA and many other aquatic parks a world-class experience for owners and guests.

MOXY Hotel in Washington, D.C. chooses OpenAire to build a custom 830 square-foot operable enclosure for its rooftop restaurant

America’s capital city is about to get a fresh new destination that will give visitors an inviting place to stay, enjoy a great meal and see the many local sights. The MOXY Hotel in Washington, D.C. has started construction on a new rooftop restaurant under a custom retractable single slope enclosure from OpenAire. The MOXY Hotel will feature 13 storeys of attractive, modern guestrooms, topped by a bold rooftop lounge with an almost 830 -square-foot operable enclosure just a few blocks from the White House.

The MOXY Hotel is the result of an ambitious design and renovation project that combines an existing historic building in the city with the new MOXY Hotel by Marriott’s bold, edgy style. OpenAire’s approximately 20-foot by 42-foot restaurant enclosure uses a modern, single-slope glass roof that features two 11-foot-long bi-parting roof panels, which will slide open from the structure’s center to bathe the restaurant’s interior in abundant light. The aluminum-framed roof is supported by three sets of bi-folding doors, which will open to the adjacent terrace to provide guests with unobstructed views of the American Capital’s skyline.

“We are proud to be creating another unique project in one of America’s historic cities,” says Mark Albertine, President of OpenAire, “OpenAire has created a modern lean-to enclosure design that reflects the spirit of the MOXY Hotel’s brand; giving guests a space that is attractive but boldly unique.”

OpenAire is working in collaboration with Fillat + Architecture, MOXY Hotel lead architect, to ensure this unique and dynamic restaurant enclosure fits the new hotel’s design aesthetic seamlessly. The MOXY Hotel will be complete in the Fall of 2018, allowing visitors to the nation’s capital to experience the power of an OpenAire environment.

The largest indoor waterpark under a single custom curved retractable roof in the USA officially opens, dazzling hundreds

Grand Prairie, Texas is abuzz today as the city officially opens a new waterpark that is as grand as its name. Epic Waters is an amazing 80,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor waterpark. After months of careful preparations, Epic Waters is welcoming a crowd of guests to experience the park’s one-of-a-kind attractions for the first time. Both the celebration and the water park itself are too big for this event to simply be called a Grand Opening; instead, it might be better known as an Epic-Opening.

Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark features some of the most amazing water slides and attractions in the southwest, all under the largest single curved retractable roof in the USA, designed and built by OpenAire. The park’s 62,000-square-foot enclosure will let visitors enjoy Epic Waters in a naturally-lit, fresh indoor/outdoor atmosphere throughout the entire year. Grand Prairie, OpenAire, and the park’s whole development team are thrilled to open this unique destination to the people of Grand Prairie just in time to provide a sunlit retreat from the cool mid-winter weather.

VIP guests were able to experience this one-of-a-kind park early on Thursday, January 11, 2018, while many more are arriving from across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex today. Visitors have been dazzled as they rode Epic Waters’ thrilling attractions from Whitewater West, which drop out of the 83-foot-tall cupola that makes guests feel as though they are climbing into the sky before launching down some of the highest waterslides in the country. These rides include the Lassoloop, the tallest Aqualoop in the country; Yellowjacket Drop, the first indoor combination of the Boomerango and Constrictor slide; Aquanaut, the first indoor double-rider Aquasphere ride; RioGrand, a 600-foot lazy river; and many more, all in an inviting sunlit atmosphere thanks to OpenAire’s dynamic enclosure. In addition to all these amazing features, Epic Waters’ retractable, naturally-lit enclosure will give Grand Prairie significant returns on investment and energy savings; allowing the park to operate year-round and save up to 27% on energy costs annually. With so many great features and attractions in a unique open environment, Epic Waters will remain one of Grand Prairie’s most epic achievements for years to come.