Retractable Roofs

YMCAs Reach A Bigger Audience With A Retractable Roof Over Your Pool

When hosting an event that revolves around your YMCA’s outdoor swimming pool, there is nothing worse or more frustrating than having to cancel plans due to bad weather. It is frustrating to your guests and results in possible loss of deposit and and associated ancillary spending. Having to shut down all pool activities throughout fall […]

Our client is building a growing empire…

OpenAire is thrilled that our client, Janet Zuccarini, of Gusto 101 and Trattoria Nervosa fame, is being recognized as a driving force in the Canadian food and beverage industry. Janet is expanding her restaurant empire into the USA, via a new couple of properties in Los Angeles, California. OpenAire is a huge supporter of Janet, […]

Is Refinery Rooftop the best hotel rooftop patio in New York?

  We sure think it might be, and apparently so do readers of USA Today! What is your favourite hotel rooftop patio? The vote is on, check out the 10best awards pole here:

Lots of Activity at OpenAire

     Well its a pretty busy time at OpenAire these days, we have several new residential projects underway throughout Canada and the USA. We have a number of new aquatic and waterpark facilities across the US that we are thrilled to be working on and our newest cruise ship, the Anthem of the Seas has just […]

Local Leaside Opens Friday!

Local Leaside, OpenAire’s newest addition to our restaurant patio portfolio, is set to open to the public on Friday April 17, 2015. Part of the Joey group of restaurants, this new restaurant has taken over a former bank building with some inspiring new additions including a retractable roof over the bar on the second floor! […]

Why Retractable Roofs Matter for Stadiums

It was pure luck that the snow storm hit New Jersey on a Monday instead of Super Bowl Sunday in 2014. A foot of snow during the football game would have been catastrophic, considering that MetLife stadium doesn’t have a retractable roof. Can you imagine if the storm had hit on Sunday? How would the […]

New “Quantum of the Seas” Pics in our Gallery

Our lovely CFO, Deborah Baker, just returned from a cruise aboard the Quantum of the Seas…and guess what she brought back for us! More photos! We couldn’t have asked for a better gift. Below is one of our favorites, but you can see a ton more in our portfolio.  

Ontario Racquet Club – Swimming All Year Round

Our renovations at the Ontario Racquet Club are complete – and our staff and families were among the first to enjoy the new, enclosed swimming pool! The enclosure will open in the summer to let the warm air and sunshine in, but for now, it makes for warm and bright December swimming. What better way […]

Bad summer weather? You can still enjoy the outside, inside!

People love summer for the recreational activities they can take-up outdoors, like swimming, baseball games, and more. A cooler, rainier summer like this season can often put a damper on outdoor plans, where inclement weather inhibits the pursuit of favourite summer pastimes. In professional sports, major league baseball games are especially susceptible to precipitation-induced delays […]

Surf’s Up Allows 365 Days of Surfing with Retractable Roof

New Hampshire is a hidden gem in the world of surfing, boasting a 13-mile coastline that serves up some of the best surf breaks in the entire northeastern United States. This favorable geography has inspired a local legion of die-hard surfers, who are so passionate about the sport that they often brave frigid water, angry […]