Dynamic Daylight from Skylights Benefiting Businesses

Dynamic Daylight from Skylights Can Open a Full Spectrum of Benefits for Businesses

Could your business benefit from increased numbers of visitors, greater sales performance, growing bottom lines, and even improved employee productivity? Research shows that the use of dynamic daylight from skylights in businesses such as retailers, restaurants, community centers, offices and other venues is linked to greater visitor traffic, positive customer experiences, significant savings on energy and lighting costs, improved health among visitors and employees, and more. People are attracted to and benefit from dynamic natural lighting not only psychologically but physiologically as well. This is why venues that install skylights and other naturally lit enclosures find a full spectrum of improvements to their overall business performance, including reduced energy costs.

Deborah Burnett explains in her presentation, “Top Daylighting…” that almost all essential bodily functions are influenced or governed by the body’s circadian system, which takes its cues from daily and seasonal cycles of daylight and night. By creating spaces that serve these biological needs, businesses and venues of all kinds can attract larger numbers of visitors, along with significantly increased revenue. A study by the Heschong Mahone Group found that retail stores with skylights earn on average 40% higher sales compared to similar retailers without skylights. Many venues also enjoy reduced energy and lighting costs after installing a skylight solution. Another study by Lisa Heschong, Roger L. Wright and Stacia Okura found that natural lighting from skylights reduced the energy spent on lighting by between 30-80% across various industries.

These are only some of the benefits that a custom skylight solution can bring to your business, whatever your needs.