Hyatt House Rooftop Lounge with Fantastic Retractable Roof

3,520 square-foot rooftop terrace enclosure will give visitors amazing views of New Jersey and New York City.

Renowned hotel developers Hyatt and Concord Hospitality Enterprises will soon welcome guests to a spectacular new destination in historic downtown Jersey City, New Jersey. The Hyatt House Jersey City hotel, located directly across from the Freedom Tower will offer 258 rooms and feature fantastic views of the New York City skyline just on the other side of the Hudson River thanks to a rooftop terrace and top-level lobby designed in partnership with retractable roof expert OpenAire. Sitting atop the 13 story building over the hotel’s inviting rooftop lounge, this motorized telescoping roof from OpenAire puts the crowning touch on the new Hyatt House, offering visitors over 3,520 square feet of beautiful outdoor space any time of year.

Built on the 92-year-old site of the former First National Bank of Jersey City at One Exchange Place, the newly renovated Hyatt House hotel will help revitalize this historic downtown neighborhood, offering an attractive destination to visitors and tourists, featuring fine dining and lounge space with those amazing views of New Jersey and New York City.

The rooftop lounge will give a truly outdoor atmosphere with a double-sloped roof divided into three telescoping sections. In warm, fair weather, the eastern section retracts under the middle section, which then retracts under the westernmost end, bathing the bar and terrace areas in sunshine and fresh air. In cool or inclement weather, the sections can close quickly and securely at the touch of a button, giving guests a warm, sunlit space no matter what the conditions outside. The enclosure’s glass panels let in ample sunlight even when closed. Guests can access the lounge through any of nine bi-folding glass doors, designed to make the space feel open to the elements.

“This is a major building project for Hyatt, Concord and Jersey City. OpenAire is very proud to add our retractable design expertise to it,” says Mark Albertine, President and CEO of OpenAire, “Our team has used its very best design features to create a space that fits this iconic building perfectly and puts the Jersey City and New York skylines on display. It’s going to be a landmark in Jersey City’s revitalized downtown.”

Built with OpenAire’s signature framing structure, the retractable glass enclosure will let in unobstructed natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting while also providing natural ventilation when its telescoping roof and bi-folding doors are open. This, combined with the design’s seamless integration with the building’s steel supports, make it a spectacular achievement for the city skyline. This great lounge space along with the hotel’s many other exciting features are sure to make the Hyatt House a staple destination in Jersey City for years to come.

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