OpenAire Roof Doubles Local Pool Hall's Business

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The Crooked Cue Restaurant and Pool Hall has a second retractable skylight following the success of its first

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One year since cutting a hole in their existing roof and installing a brand new retractable OpenAire skylight over its second-floor lounge and dinning area, The Crooked Cue Pub and Pool Hall in Toronto has seen its business nearly double. New customers have come in unprecedented numbers to enjoy the family-owned local pool hall’s excellent menu and craft beer selections, all in the inviting sunlight and fresh air of the new upper lounge. Following this success, The Crooked Cue contracted OpenAire for a second retractable, skylight which will open even more of the venue to the skies.

The second retractable skylight is positioned over the other half of The Crooked Cue’s roof and, together with the first skylight, bathes nearly the entire restaurant in a naturally lit outdoor atmosphere year-round. The 20’ x 48’ glass skylight (960 square feet), is a mirror of the first skylight and also retracts completely off the opening, parking over the adjacent flat roof at the back. Constructed of OpenAire’s signature thermally broken aluminum frames, the skylight opens widely in fair weather at the touch of a button. Whenever the weather turns cold or rainy, the complete skylight closes quickly to provide shelter for guests while still offering natural light and attractive outdoor views. The result is a pool hall like no other; few venues offer their guests the chance to enjoy a game of pool, relax and have a meal or drink in the open sunshine and fresh air, but The Crooked Cue is able to offer this experience any time of year.

The Crooked Cue’s design combines inviting architecture with functional, efficient construction to create the best possible solution. OpenAire is proud to have been invited back to work with The Crooked Cue for a second time, using our team’s architectural expertise to make this family-owned landmark better than ever.

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