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Our Products

We offer a number of products categorized as retractable roof enclosures, retractable skylights and fixed skylights.

The specific design and functionality of our products vary based on the requirements of the project and the client’s preferences. These products can be customized in terms of size, shape, materials, and control systems to meet the specific needs of each application.

Overall, our products offer the flexibility to create adaptable spaces that can be used in various weather conditions. They provide a balance between indoor and outdoor environments, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of both while maintaining control over their comfort and experience.

OpenAire's retractable roof over Epic Waters Waterpark in Grand Prairie, Texas - the biggest retractable roof over a waterpark in the world!

Open Your Space with Fixed and Retractable Roofing

Retractable Roofing Enclosures

Whether you are looking for an extension or renovation to your space, or an entirely new building or even an addition to a historic facility,

OpenAire can custom design, manufacture and install a retractable building environment that includes walls and roof and the supporting substructure using our thermally broken framing system.

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Epic Waters

Retractable Skylights

Don’t mistake the word skylight for small vented window… OpenAire skylights can span over 200ft! A retractable skylight brings your space to life.

OpenAire can let the sunshine and fresh breezes of the outdoors into your home, business, pool or other venue with a precision-engineered, customized operable roof solution. Experience the benefits of natural lighting and an outdoor atmosphere year-round. The sky is the limit for your operable rooftop.

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ballpark village

Fixed Skylights

Whether it’s for a private residence, a restaurant, a mall, an entertainment center or any other location, OpenAire can craft the custom non-operable skylight solution that is right for you.

A skylight may be a small addition to your roof, or the entire roof of your space. Our fixed skylights are held to the same high standards as all our retractable skylight manufacturing and installation projects. A large format skylight can dramatically change your venue. OpenAire’s state-of-the-art aluminum manufacturing process allows our team to design roofs and skylights on any size venue.

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Restoration Hardware

OpenAire Products

Our products are named based on their category, Roof Shape and Operable Functionality.  For example Our Product SS.E.TOP represents a Single Slope (SS) Enclosure (E) that opens from the Top (TOP).

  • Fixed Skylight (FIX)
  • Retractable Roof Skylight (SKY)
  • Retractable roof enclosure (E)
Roof Shape
  • Curved (C)
  • Single Slope (SS)
  • Double Slope (DS)
Operable Functionality
  • Tele: Telescope
  • BP: Bi-Part
  • Top: Top-Down
  • BTM: Bottom Up