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Fixed Skylights

OpenAire offers unique and beautiful custom-designed alternatives to typical fixed skylights.

Our unique, elegantly designed fixed skylight solutions bring the sky into any room, delivering light and ambiance. These works of art elevate any space, whether residential or commercial, creating visually stunning windows to the sky.

What we offer that makes us unique is the ability to span openings larger than most and provide both the structure or just the cladding on your perimeter frame. We are a one-stop shop for skylights.

Our fixed skylights are held to the same high standards as all our manufacturing and installation projects. OpenAire works with clients to make sure they get the perfect skylight to complement their space while ensuring that all elements are air and water-tight.

Whether your skylight is 20ft wide or 200ft wide, on a new building or renovating something existing, our expert team is here to help.

If you prefer your skylights to be operable, visit our retractable skylights page.

Sharjah Mall Dome Fixed Skylight

Benefits of a Retractable Skylight

Natural Lighting

Sunlight has numerous benefits, including improving mood, increasing productivity, and creating a more inviting space. Having a translucent or transparent roof there is reduced need for artificial lighting.

Connection to Nature

No matter the climate, a retractable enclosure shields makes every venue usable year-round. This is particularly useful for venues like swimming pools, patios, or other outdoor areas which fail to generate revenue when closed.

Energy Efficiency

When the enclosure roof & walls are open the space becomes naturally ventilated. This makes your facility a more sustainable, energy efficient venue which saves owners anywhere from 10-30% y.o.y. on energy costs.

Healthier Environment

A retractable enclosure provides maximum flexibility and adaptability. You can enjoy an open-air space during pleasant weather or enclose the area to protect it from rain, wind, or extreme temperatures at the push of a button.

Retractable Skylight Projects

Retractable Skylight Products