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Retractable Skylights

Our retractable skylights bring spaces to life.

They open up to let in beautiful, warm weather and close up when it’s cold or rainy, offering users year-round enjoyment in unique, naturally lit, dramatically beautiful spaces.

OpenAire develops custom operable skylights that are as elegant in operation as they are in design: they open silently and smoothly, and close tight to keep out drafts and moisture. Our designs are unique and fully customizable, adding sophistication and elegance to any space.

OpenAire’s operable large-span skylight systems function faithfully in applications ranging from all-season restaurant patios to large-scale waterparks and aquatic centers, plus health clubs, waterparks, shopping centers, community centers, private residences, hotels and more.

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Benefits of a Retractable Skylight

Natural Lighting

Natural light has numerous advantages, including improving mood, increasing productivity, and providing a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Year Round Usage

Retractable roofs allow your space to be utilized year-round. On days when the weather is good you get the benefits of an outdoor space, and on days when the weather is bad tou can close the roof and still have the space utilized.

Energy Efficiency

Our skylights allow natural lighting into your space reducing the need for artificial lighting. When the skylight is open, it can facilitate natural cooling, reducing the need for air conditioning. Combined they lower energy consumption.

Healthier Environment

Retractable roofs help provide a healthier environment through increased natural light allowed into an indoor space and improved air quality, reducing the concentration of pollutants and allergens, from proper ventilation .

Retractable Skylight Projects

Retractable Skylight Products

Our products are named based on their category, Roof Shape and Operable Functionality.  For example Our Product SS.E.TOP represents a Single Slope (SS) Enclosure (E) that opens from the Top (TOP).

  • Fixed Skylight (FIX)
  • Retractable Roof Skylight (SKY)
  • Retractable roof enclosure (E)
Roof Shape
  • Curved (C)
  • Single Slope (SS)
  • Double Slope (DS)
Operable Functionality
  • Tele: Telescope
  • BP: Bi-Part
  • Top: Top-Down
  • BTM: Bottom Up