Aquapark, Aqua Sferra - Donetsk, Ukraine

The largest free-standing aluminum-domed waterpark in the world, Aqua Sferra is now open to the public! Expectations are high for the park to become a major attraction for the residents of Donetsk and promises to increase tourism and growth in this traditionally industrial area.

The completion of the Aqua Sferra dome marks an exciting milestone in the design of indoor water parks. The sheer magnitude and scale – combined with the ability of the roof to retract – creates a stunning landmark. At 85m (278') in diameter, covering 5,667m² (61,000ft²), and standing 26m (86') high, the Aqua Sferra water park is enclosed with the largest all aluminum freestanding retractable dome ever constructed. The dome was designed, manufactured and installed by OpenAire of Oakville, Ontario and features four retractable, triangular shaped roof panels measuring 24.4m (80′) at the base and 24.4m (80′) along the arch. Powered by 16 motors and riding on 432 wheels over 587m (1926') of track, the massive roof opens in less than 10 minutes bathing the guests of Aqua Sferra with fresh air and sunshine on beautiful sunny days, and providing a comfortable enclosed environment on cold and rainy days.

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