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Delta PREMIUM Lounge, John F Kennedy (JFK) Airport
New York City, NY

Delta Premium lounges will offer a new alternative to Delta Sky Clubs. Premium lounges will be in New York’s JFK, Boston, and Los Angeles airport(s).

In a push to make sure high-spending, front-of-the-plane passengers have access to more serene airport refuges, Delta Air Lines has announced plans to open premium lounges at three of its hub airports in 2024.

Opening first at JFK, the premium lounge will feature a chef’s kitchen, wellness area, and a large outdoor terrace that can be utilized all year. The lounge, which is scheduled to open in June 2024, will be the largest-ever for Delta, at 38,000 sq. feet.

“Premium lounge customers should feel welcomed and known when they walk in the door, just as they would at their favorite hotel or restaurant,” Delta’s Vice President for Sky Club and Lounge Experience Claude Roussel said in a statement. “We look forward to providing that warm welcome and making ‘premium’ feel personal for each guest.”

OpenAire will be providing the retractable roof over the “indoor/outdoor” terrace area in the JFK Location. The ability to create a safe & secure non smoking outdoor venue in a busy international airport will be a premium offering for guests in transit. The retractable roof in this location is 90ft long and 25 ft deep creating a vast open venue bringing in fresh air and sunlight.

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