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Rooftop XP @ Hyatt House
Jersey City, NJ

Located on the historic site of the former First National Bank of Jersey City, this new 13-storey, 258-room hotel offers visitors a spectacular stay in the heart of Jersey City’s waterfront, as well as fantastic views of the city and waterfront thanks to an attractive rooftop terrace (Rooftop XP @ Hyatt House) and top-level lobby design.

OpenAire created a 3,520 square-foot (1,073 square-meter) motorized telescoping roof to shelter the hotel’s inviting rooftop lounge. Located on the Hudson River directly across from the Freedom Tower, the lounge’s views of the New Jersey waterfront and the New York City skyline cant be beat. The roof opens away from the river creating a panoramic view of the skyline.

This retractable roof is 33ft wide and 110ft Long, build in 3 sections (2 operable, 1 fixed). The walls around the perimeter are bi fold doors that open to the adjacent outdoor rooftop patio.

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