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Old Quebec Street Mall
Guelph, Ontario

The Challenge

A partnership between the City of Guelph, Ontario and the developer, Barrel Works Ltd. set its sightson revitalizing Guelph’s downtown core. The focal point of this revival was to be a refurbished shopping center, Old Quebec Street Mall.

This project had to fit into the historical context of Guelph while offering a unique shopping experience that would draw people downtown. “The mandate of Barrel Works Guelph Ltd. was to create a European streetscape that appeared to have been built years ago.”

The Solution

The solution to creating a space that would fit historically and create a real draw was found with OpenAire, Inc. OpenAire provided a custom operable roof system that enhances the outdoor feel of the interior streetscape design of the Old Quebec Street project. The opening roof is controlled by heat and rain sensors that allow the roof to open or close automatically to optimize climate control. Up to two thirds of the glass and polycarbonate roof can open to provide a fresh air shopping experience in good weather. In cooler conditions, the roof closes to maintain a bright, warm space.

OpenAire was also able to capture the historic feel of the project by creating a Victorian facade for the front of Old Quebec Street. This includes a clock and an arched curtain wall that is reminiscent of those times. The use of OpenAire’s open truss joists to support the roof completes the 19th century feel.

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Old Quebec Street Mall, Guelph, Ontario

Project Photos