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Sharjah Mall
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

OpenAire created a unique oval skylight for the centrepiece of the amazing 280,000 square-foot (26,012.85 square meter) Sharjah Mall located on the beach front in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates is a spectacular destination mall with hotel, retail and more.

The skylight, built with a durable aluminum frame and glazed with insulating glass, will be the LARGEST Aluminum Dome in the Middle East. Measuring 242’-9” (74m) long by 154’-2” (47m) wide and standing 68’-10” (21m) high, this skylight will be the centrepiece of the facility and will cast the main retail areas with vibrant, inviting natural light. OpenAire is excited to be a part of this monumental project.

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Sharjah Mall Unique Oval Skylight

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