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YMCA Aquatic Enclosures

To compete for membership dollars, YMCA facilities need to ensure they can become the “go to” location in their community.

Once reserved for private waterparks, YMCA’s are now offering high- quality attractions and amenities that compete with commercial entertainment venues (according to a feature by Athletic Business). Using a retractable roof to let these parks stay open year-round further enhances their value and ROI, as well as reducing air handling turn overs and mitigating ventilation costs by letting fresh air circulate naturally.

With improved amenities you can provide increased programming, partnerships, memberships and gives the option to increase admissions. As a result the YMCA can increase their charitable activities for the local communities – thus meeting the desires of donors.

YMCA Projects

Copley-Price YMCA
San Diego, CA
Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA
Encinitas, CA
Mission Valley YMCA
San Diego, CA
Roy Blunt YMCA
Bolivar, MO
Toby Wells YMCA
San Diego, CA
Woodruff Family YMCA
Milford, CT
Clark County YMCA
Vancouver, WA
Scheu Family YMCA
Vancouver, WA
McGrath YMCA
Vancouver, WA
Salinas Aquatic Center YMCA
Vancouver, WA