Why Open Aire

Fixed & Retractable Roofing Systems and Skylights

With over 1200 projects around the globe and many repeat clients, OpenAire is well suited to be a part of your project team no matter the geography or the terrain!

OpenAire’s customized designs for fixed & retractable roofing systems, skylights, and enclosures transform commercial, aquatic and residential facilities into sunlit spaces that customers love. Our energy-efficient, enclosures transform all spaces from summertime treats to year-round local and tourist destinations.

Each of our retractable roofing systems projects is carefully built to comply with our clients’ local building codes, in accordance with CWS and AWS regulations, while giving you unbeatable results. From high-quality CNC machines to industry-leading 3D design software, our experts are trained and certified in the best equipment to bring your vision to life.

At OpenAire we have:

  • 30 years of experience
  • In-house design and engineering experts bring your unique vision to life
  • Innovative features include rain and wind sensors and more
  • A dedicated senior project manager for every client
  • Unparalleled customer support
  • Installation worldwide by OpenAire’s professional crew.
  • Our clients often return to us for project after project. Our repeat rate is high.

Benefits of OpenAire Aluminum Structures

Energy Efficiency

  • With a maintenance-free aluminum truss structure and translucent or transparent roof and wall,  OpenAire retractable roofing systems means that operators have a decreased dependence on artificial lighting,
  • OpenAire structures create natural ventilation, which substantially reduces a building’s reliance on a mechanical HVAC system and ventilation resulting in substantial energy savings in the long-term.
  • In a typical aquatic environment, an operable roof allows you to turn off costly dehumidification systems, This can provide energy savings of up to 30% over traditional construction, creating tremendous long-term value. In addition, there are cost savings can be found in omitting the installation of air conditioning, as the building itself is naturally ventilated.


  • Exclusive, thermally broken aluminum truss system
  • Withstands chlorine and other chemical/ environmental conditions
  • Structures do not corrode or rust
  • No year over year painting or refinishing required result in major operational cost savings

Engineering Quality

  • Minimum L/200 deflection criteria in every design
  • Proven performance in all climates, and engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions such as sub-zero temperatures, snow loads, high winds, seismic disturbance, precipitation, humidity and more
  • Capable of free span enclosures of over 165’ (50m) using an all-aluminum frame; capable of span aluminum dome configurations more than 300’ (91m)
  • Customized designs can open up to 100% of the roof area
  • Minimum 1” (25mm) roof glazing using insulated panels, glass, polycarbonate or ETFE
  • Thermal breaks and vapor barriers
  • Aluminum is much lighter in weight than steel, which reduces the overall loads on your structure. Which can be critical for renovations or historic building additions.
  • OpenAire structures contribute to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, for both New Construction and Core and Shell rating systems.

Best Warranty in the Industry

  • Five-year parts and labor warranty
  • 100% worry-free

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