Commercial Retractable Roof

How does your venue compete?

Whether you own an event space, a shopping mall, or as you can see in our portfolio a theatre, a train station or an observatory… there are lots of reasons your may need and want to add a commercial retractable roof enclosure or skylight.

Multiple studies show that buildings can impact a person’s health, and as citizens of modern societies spend 90 per cent of their time indoors, this is more important than ever. The ability to capture the best of both worlds, inside and outside within a single space truly ensures that your facility can capitalize on any and all activity.

So while a commercial retractable roof may at first seem like an extra, its in fact an economical addition that your space can’t afford to be without.

Our commercial work includes a vast range of facilities. No matter what market you serve, our commercial retractable roof systems can meet your requirements.

A few examples of Unique Commercial Spaces:

Gibsons Italia Restaurant restaurant patio enclosure

Gibsons Italia Restaurant

Gibsons Italia is sits at the base of the famous RiverPoint tower in Chicago. The incredible view of the river from the lounge cannot be beat!

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Hyatt House Jersey City

Overlooking the Manhattan Skyline is the newly renovated Hyatt House in Jersey City. The new OpenAire rooftop event space and bar is 32 ft x 110 ft and opens wide to overlook the New York City skyline.

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