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Residential Retractable Roofs

There is no doubt that a residential retractable roof seems like a luxury only a commercial space can accommodate. However for homeowners looking for a climate-controlled environment that can be used year round… this is really the perfect solution!

A retractable roof with its complete OpenAire warranty and corrosion resistant aluminum frame will last on your house for as long as you do. It will help to increase your property value, and set your home apart as something truly unique.

The best part is that unlike a typical indoor pool on a home which eventually becomes unwanted and unused, a residential retractable roof enclosure guarantees a lifetime of fresh air and sunshine. It will be the space you always remember in your home!

The owners of this unique Private Residence in Toronto wanted a lap pool, indoor- outdoor lounge and several other features in their new retractable roof enclosure. The result is a beautiful space with natural stone work connected directly to the home.

Transform Your Space

Expand operating days, reduce maintenance costs and drive increased revenue.
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Our Unique Residential Retractable Roof Solutions

The Modern Castle of York

The Modern Castle of York is an exceptional private residence in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada that features an OpenAire roof over the property’s pool. The 33’ x 13’ retractable roof is a maintenance-free, thermally broken aluminum framing system built to withstand the moist, chemical aquatic atmosphere of a pool environment and never needs to be repainted.

Lehman Mansion New York City

The Lehman Mansion is one of the most exquisite buildings in New York City located on the former Millionaire’s Row on West 54th Street. OpenAire’s retractable roof enclosure,controlled by heat and rain sensors, enhanced the outdoor feel of being on the roof-top of one of the most breathtaking buildings in New York City.

Private Residence, Ontario

Open Aire designed and built a 2,000 square foot addition with a lap pool, chill pool, stand-up hot spa, steam room, and underground bunker. the design is a high-quality, low-maintenance structure with one key feature: a zero increase in their home energy costs.

Private Residence, Durango, CO

This owner of this gorgeous estate wanted to make the most of it's surroundings, high in the mountains of Colorado with spectacular views. OpenAire’s design team was also able to integrate the aluminum structure with a glulam superstructure. This combination beautifully blends the building into the fantastic surroundings.