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Retail Environments with Skylights and Retractable Roofs

Say goodbye to traditional shopping malls, Retail Environments with shopping mall skylights and retractable roofs are now Retail Destinations!

As the brick and mortar retail environment changes, so do the needs of shopping center owners and operators and architects. Ensuring your facility remains a viable destination means upgrading these retail, leisure and entertainment complexes to become spaces where people not only gather to shop, but also to socialize over lunch or coffee.

Attractive features such as indoor and outdoor gathering spaces, bright sunlit indoor spaces from shopping mall skylights and retractable roofs naturally lead to well-designed , welcoming interiors that encourage customers to linger longer, and perhaps spend more.

Sharjah Mall Unique Oval Skylight

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Expand operating days, reduce maintenance costs and drive increased revenue.
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Examples of Unique Retractable Roof Solutions

Sharjah Mall

OpenAire created a unique oval skylight for the centrepiece of the amazing 280,000 square-foot (26,012.85 square meter) Sharjah Mall located on the beach front in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates is a spectacular destination mall with hotel, retail and more.

Restoration Hardware

The OpenAire team worked with the architectural team to design an enclosure that would fit the gallery’s historic architecture and create a completely original, harmonious space. The details for this all aluminum skylight are meant to looks like a historic steel structure, yet include all the modern technological benefits of thermal breaks and UV protection.
Restoration Hardware

Old Quebec Street Mall

OpenAire provided a custom operable roof system that enhances the outdoor feel of the interior streetscape design of the Old Quebec Street project. The opening roof is controlled by heat and rain sensors that allow the roof to open or close automatically to optimize climate control.
Old Quebec Street Mall, Guelph, Ontario

Ball Park Village

OpenAire designed, manufactured and installed a retractable roof to cover the central entertainment space. The double-sloped retractable roof features 12 operable sliding panels, which open at the touch of a button. The panels are constructed with polycarbonate in the roof section and glass panels in the gable ends. The retractable roof allows Cardinals’ fans to catch the baseball game regardless of inclement weather.
ballpark village

Retail Project Videos

Restoration Hardware Chicago Three Arts Building

YouTube video

Introducing: Ballpark Village

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