Retirement Communities

Your community needs an accessible year round health and wellness facility! We can help.

With an aging population, the development of retirement and lifestyle communities is booming.

Its said that on any given day in the United States, over 10,000 people will turn 65… it is therefore critical that developers and owners design facilities that meet both current and future requirements. Including accessible year round facilities is a factor in the design of these spaces.

OpenAire has been working on helping these communities with health and wellness venues for many years.

Top 4 reasons you need an accessible year round wellness venue:

  1. Fall Reduction
    By 80, one half of all seniors will experience a fall. Offering a safe year round aquatic venue enables the facility is able to offer a plan of stopping major incidents of falls before they happen.
  2. Increased Independence and Strength
    Offering a way to exercise with less pain — like water therapy — gives senior living communities a viable way to improve resident independent or assisted living, resulting in a healthier more profitable community.
  3. Wellness Programs
    Because of building nation-wide interest in aquatic therapy and exercise, some facilities have chosen to open their doors to non-residents and create community Wellness Programs ensuring residents remain active and engaged.
  4. Additional Revenue
    Good aquatic technology and programs help residents stay well and independent longer; maintaining higher occupancy for the facility.

Here is an example of one of the communities:

Heritage El Dorado

In Northern California Lennar Properties was building a new health and wellness center in their Heritage El Dorado Hills Retirement Community. Wanting to provide residents with a year round, indoor outdoor pool was the obvious solution. The 58ft x 105ft bright free-standing enclosure by OpenAire fits seamlessly into the natural site and has attracted many new residents to the complex.

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