Retractable Roofing Systems - Future of Indoor Waterpark Design

Retractable roofing systems are the future of indoor waterpark design. OpenAire Waterparks are award-winning destinations around the globe. They are bright and airy and everyone love them! The days of dark, odour filled parks are gone. OpenAire Indoor Waterparks range in size from 20,000 sf (1800m2) to 220,000 sf (20,000m2). They are both private and publicly owned.

Why Choose OpenAire Retractable Roofing Systems?

There are a million good reasons to enclose a waterpark with an OpenAire retractable roof. The most obvious is that a retractable roof allows a water park to be used year-round, who wants to be inside when the weather outside is good and vise versa. What could be more fun than shooting down a water slide in the indoor warmth – with a full view of the snow falling outside?

Another great reason is to build an aluminum retractable roof indoor waterpark is that indoor waterparks are subject to extremely harsh air conditions which can cause structural damage to buildings and extensive corrosion. This is because waterparks are subject to 3x more humidity than a typical indoor environment.

Chlorine is the primary disinfectant used today to keep pool water clean and safe. Chloramines are the gases that form above the chlorinated water and they attack everything around them. The chloramines act much more aggressively in a waterpark than in any ordinary pool environment due to the amount of water splashed and sprayed into the air.

Though chloramines prevent algae and bacterial growth in water, their presence in an enclosed environment makes a waterpark’s structure vulnerable. The steel and wood traditionally used to erect aquatic facilities will deteriorate with rust and decay. Rust can leach onto pool decks and into water. Most steel slide towers and steel buildings will require annual re-painting, along with time-consuming and expensive ongoing maintenance. Most companies that work in this sector, will recommend the reduced use of these materials in your waterpark.

OpenAire’s waterpark structures DON’T CORRODE. They are thermally broken aluminum systems which can be used for waterpark enclosures, cupolas and slide towers and they are resistant to deterioration from chloramines.

In addition, with a retractable roof enclosure, your waterpark is using natural ventilation, which substantially reduces a waterpark operator’s reliance on mechanical systems and is therefore a significant cost savings on monthly energy costs. Along with the financial benefits there is the health and safety of staff that is significantly improved and the bonus of an environment without the harsh chemical smells of traditional parks.

The energy savings are not limited to the air handling systems. A park with an open roof reduces reliance on lighting systems. A naturally day lit space is both appealing to guests but also proves to encourage retail spending. So a brightly day lit space saves you money and increases productiveness of staff an spending by guests. This is a definite win for owners. (see articles below for references)

Lastly a non-corroded waterpark building that saves owners money, is also able to save time and effort for staff when cleaning and sanitization are such critical factors in operations. A building that is clean and looks as good from day 1 to 40 years later is a bonus for everyone and can be kept clean and bright forever.

This is a win win for owners and operators and guests.

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Four COVID-19 Indoor Waterpark articles about the safety and health benefits of Retractable Roof systems for Waterparks during this time of a Global Pandemic.

This is especially critical in this time of a global pandemic when waterparks are striving to be safe, healthy, welcoming environments.

Award-Winning Retractable Roofing System Locations

Epic Waters Waterpark: For the city of Grand Prairie Texas, OpenAire designed and installed a massive 62,000 sf enclosure for a waterpark, which since opening in January 2018 has ranked top indoor park in Dallas, #2 in Texas and #5 in the USA, and just Won the 2018 World Waterpark Association’s Leading Edge Award,  surpassing ALL client expectations

Whether it be a private or publicly owned waterpark needing a retractable roofing system, OpenAire can help with everything from preliminary programming and budgeting to final construction. Get in touch with us for more information.


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