Retractable Roofs for YMCA's

OpenAire has been building retractable roof's for YMCA's for over 20 years, providing cutting-edge retractable roofs that offer guests the best of both worlds – the indoors and the outdoors!

Once reserved for private waterparks, YMCA’s are now offering high-quality attractions and amenities that compete with commercial entertainment venues (according to a feature by Athletic Business). Using a retractable roof to let these venues stay open year-round further enhances their value and ROI, as well as reducing air handling turnovers and mitigating ventilation costs by letting fresh air circulate naturally.

With improved amenities, you can provide increased programming, partnerships, memberships and gives the option to increase admissions. Plus no longer having “seasonal” facilities means that weather is no longer a factor in programming decisions.

Top 5 reasons a retractable roof will ensure the success of your YMCA!

  1. Attendance/Amenities
  2. Revenue Growth and Donations
  3. Lower Operating Costs/No Maintenance
  4. Sustainability
  5. Air Quality
Mission Valley YMCA Aquatic Center

The San Diego County YMCA, Mission Valley is an excellent sample of our work.

OpenAire has worked with the YMCA of San Diego County for many years, resulting in several new YMCA facilities in the area. Among them is the Mission Valley location, the first of the group, who’s revenue from aquatic activities has increased more than 40% since opening their new enclosure.

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