Unique Indoor/Outdoor Pool Design for Batesville Community Center and Aquatic Center

New Aquatic Park in Batesville, Arkansas features 21,000-square-foot enclosure from OpenAire 

After months of dedication and careful development the city of Batesville, Arkansas has officially opened the new Batesville Community Center and Aquatics Center in the heart of Fitzhugh Park. This exciting new facility features both indoor and outdoor pools and water attractions for the whole community. Whether they are in the indoor or outdoor section of the aquatic center, guests will be able to enjoy a vibrant outdoor atmosphere. The unique indoor section offers abundant sunlight and fresh air thanks to a 21,000-square-foot retractable roof enclosure designed and built by OpenAire. The innovative 95-foot by 224-foot double-slope structure features 14 sliding doors and 20 retractable roof panels, which open quickly at the touch of a button and have already left the park’s first visitors amazed. In cold or inclement weather, the panels and doors shut securely to allow use of the aquatic park all year round.

The new Batesville Community Center and Aquatics Center was designed to give local residents a convenient place to have fun, keep fit and enjoy many inviting attractions. The Aquatic Center’s outdoor section includes a dive pool, wading pool, water slide and more, while the indoor section features an 8-lane swimming pool, splash pad, heated therapy pool and bathhouse. Built of lightweight and durable aluminum trusses and polycarbonate panels, the enclosure is striking and modern, yet blends easily with Batesville Community Center’s other buildings. The indoor enclosure links seamlessly with the main community center at one end and the attractively-designed bathhouse at the other. Guests can move freely between these sections. This attractive design is a testament to OpenAire’s commitment to building unique structures in many communities. Batesville Community Center and Aquatic Center is sure to be an inviting hub for the whole region for years to come.