Want to Find a Great Instructor to Teach Your Child to Swim?

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Swimming is a life skill and is sure to be a wonderful source of joy for your child. Not only as he or she grows, but also well into adulthood! Are you currently searching for a great instructor to teach your child how to swim? The good news is that your local YMCA offers swimming lessons for kids. Here is everything that you need to know:

Different Types of Lessons

The YMCA offers a wide selection of different types of kids’ swimming lessons. For example, you can opt for private lessons, which are great for parents who are looking to ensure that their children receive focused attention and master their swimming skills. You may also wish to opt for adaptive swimming lessons which teach water safety skills to swimmers with special needs in a therapeutic environment. Other options include semi-private swimming lessons, parent and child group lessons, as well as preschool group, school-age group and teen and adult swimming lessons. 


You can have total peace of mind when you sign your child up for swimming lessons at the YMCA because you can be 100% sure that the swim instructor is fully qualified and also trained in CPR should there ever be an emergency. 

Tailored Approach

One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to learning how to swim. This is why the YMCA helps you choose the right lesson for your child based not only on their age, but also on their current swimming ability. There are various stages that influence which lessons and which instructors are assigned to your child, for instance water discovery, water exploration, water stamina, stroke introductions, and so on.

Here at OpenAire, we specialize in the installation of retractable roof systems which make it possible for members to utilize the YMCA swimming pool regardless of the weather conditions. Open up the pool area when it is warm and sunny outside, and close it again when temperatures start to drop – all with the simple push of a button. 

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