Will an OpenAire enclosure work in a waterpark?

Absolutely. The benefits of an OpenAire enclosure are even greater for owners of waterparks and aquatic attractions, where our designs naturally vent moisture and pool chemicals. This efficient ventilation combined with natural lighting offers waterpark operators an energy savings of up to 27% (compared to traditional indoor structures).

Our professional portfolio is filled with dozens of aquatic facilities that have benefitted from our leading-edge enclosure technology. Popular attractions from Zehnder’s Splash Village in Michigan to the Aqua Sferra Aquapark in Ukraine are able to offer their guests the best of both indoor and outdoor aquatic facilities: the security and all-seasons reliability of an indoor waterpark, as well as the sunshine, fresh air and open views of an outdoor park. And with OpenAire’s durable building techniques, our clients can enjoy their enclosures’ benefits for many years. OpenAire’s aluminum frames are naturally corrosion-proof and do not need to be repainted. Our operable panels also greatly reduce the need for ventilation and air conditioning by providing natural air circulation. The result is installations that stand up to the most demanding aquatic environments.

In short, OpenAire’s enclosures provide waterparks with shelter from the elements, spectacular outdoor experience, superb architecture and craftsmanship, and dramatic savings on energy costs. It’s a complete package. Contact our team today to find out how you can get this kind of solution, too.