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3 of the 8 “Most Incredible Water Parks” in the USA feature OpenAire Retractable Roofs

March 2, 2018

Three of eight of the “most incredible Indoor water parks” in the USA are within enclosures by OpenAire. Only two months after opening to the public, Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark in Grand Prairie, Texas is already enjoying success as epic as its name. The 80,000 square foot waterpark, developed and operated by the City of Grand Prairie, celebrated its grand opening in January. The retractable roof waterpark enclosure from OpenAire has been providing Epic Waters guests with a bright warm sunlit, summer atmosphere every day this winter. Guests are delighted with the park’s expansive outdoor-style environment. Since opening, Epic Waters has not only attracted full-capacity attendance every weekend; it has also earned a #2 rank on Texas Hill Country’s Top 5 Indoor Water Parks in Texas and a #5 rank on Travel Channel’s 8 Most Incredible Indoor Water Parks in the United States!

Both Texas Hill Country and Travel Channel mention Epic Waters’ retractable roof as a distinct feature, and it’s easy to see why. Epic Waters’ huge glazed enclosure and 40 curved motorized retracting roof panels give visitors a stunning vista of natural light and open skies year-round. The roof opens to let in abundant sunshine and fresh air in fair weather while offering shelter in cold or inclement conditions. It is the perfect blend of the indoors and outdoors, keeping ideal temperatures and air quality inside through natural ventilation and lighting. This not only gives guests an amazing year-round destination; it is also projected to save Epic Waters up to 27% annually on energy costs.

These same benefits have also put two more OpenAire destinations on Travel Channel’s Top 8 list: Kalahari Resorts and Conventions’ Pocono Mountains in Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania (ranked #2) and WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort in Rapid City, South Dakota (ranked #7). These two parks may differ in size and style, but both have seen tremendous success and visitor satisfaction thanks in part to the advantages of their all-season retractable enclosures. With irresistible outdoor atmospheres, year-round usability and lower energy costs, OpenAire’s retractable roof enclosure solutions are giving the BEST waterparks in the USA and many other aquatic parks a world-class experience for owners and guests.

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