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Retractable Roofs for Health and Sports Clubs

Have a club with a pool? Need more members? You are in the right place!

Retractable roofs mean you can offer guests the benefits of both the indoors and outdoors. The best of both worlds!

Private Health & Sports Clubs stand to benefit tremendously from OpenAire retractable roofs structures and operable skylights. Since so many of these businesses feature pools – or plan to feature pools – a retractable translucent roof that lets in the sunshine can add the “wow” factor that differentiates one facility from the rest.

That “wow” factor can go a long way in both retaining current members and attracting new ones. As one OpenAire client stated,  “No other club in our area has a retractable roof system and it’s a completely different experience than a traditional indoor pool, providing us with a distinct competitive advantage.”

Batumi Plaza

Transform Your Space

Expand operating days, reduce maintenance costs and drive increased revenue.
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Advantages of Retractable Roofs

Zero maintenance

Unlike steel framing, our maintenance-free, thermally broken aluminum framing system withstands moist, chemical aquatic atmospheres and never needs to be repainted.

Energy efficiency

OpenAire special extruded thermally broken aluminum profiles reduce heat transfer through the structure. Thermal breaks and vapor barriers also control condensation.

Lower life cycle costs

With a maintenance-free aluminum truss structure and a decreased dependence on artificial lighting, dehumidification and air conditioning, OpenAire structures cost less to operate and maintain, offering tremendous long-term value.

Light Weight

Aluminum is much lighter in weight versus steel, which reduces the overall loads on your structure.

Aesthetic appeal

Extruded aluminum profiles have a superior aesthetic appearance that avoids the bulky look of steel. Custom aluminum extrusions also maintain their original appearance from the time of installation throughout the structure’s lifespan, in comparison to steel’s susceptibility to rust and corrosion over time.

Examples of Our Health and Sports Clubs Projects

The Granite Club

The Granite Club, approached OpenAire with a unique challenge. The members wanted their new pool and aquatic play area to have a minimal, unobtrusive building as its enclosure. OpenAire helped them realize their dream by creating a building with a glass roof that can retract almost 75% of its area, while half of the outside wall opens 100% of the way.
The Granite Club

Mardi Plaza Hotel, Batumi, Georgia

Batumi Plaza, located in the Republic of Georgia, wanted to add a showpiece swimming facility on the roof of their massive six-storey luxury facility. The rooftop pool of Batumi Plaza needed a retractable roof component that would offer swimmers sunlight, fresh air on nice days, but have the ability to close on colder, rainy days to protect swimmers from the elements.
Batumi Plaza

Ontario Racquet Club

Ontario Racquet Club (ORC)was seeking to expand their facilities to include a new aquatic centre and wanted to exceed their guest’s expectations. OpenAire had the opportunity to create a breathtaking curved roof design and wall enclosure over ORC’s new aquatic centre,that automatically closes at the first sign of rain or inclement weather,
OpenAire's retractable roof over the pool at the Ontario Racquet Club in Mississauga, Ontario.

The Plunge at FIT - Belmont Park

Built as the centrepiece of San Diego’s retractable roof at Belmont Park on Mission Beach, the Plunge Natatorium has undergone a complete transformation. What was described as a closed in dark and dank environment is now literally open and airy thanks to the OpenAire’s all glazed 29,000 square foot state of the art retractable roof enclosure.

Health and Sports Clubs Project Videos

Retractable Roof for Aqua Vale UK Swimming & Fitness Centre

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Mardi Plaza Hotel Batumi Georgia

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Retractable Enclosure Pool for Ontario Racquet Club

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