6 Things You Absolutely Must Take to a Water Park



A water park visit is an all-day event, and you need to make sure you show up prepared. Set your mind at ease and enjoy your day to the fullest by taking these six essential items along. We’ll leave out the obvious, such as swimsuits, towels, and goggles. Trust us when we say that these accessories – some of which you may not have considered – will come in handy.

Waterproof Storage

Take along a wet/dry bag to store clothes and other items, as well as water-resistant pouches for cellphones, cameras, and other electronics.


Spending a lot of time in the water can cause complications for your ears. Make sure the whole family has a set of ear plugs that will stay put. Silicone plugs are the best, as they are flexible and don’t fall out.


If you’re going to an outdoor water park or an indoor one with a retractable roof, this is essential. 

Water Shoes

Water shoes protect your feet on surfaces that are either slippery or breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria. They’re clean, lightweight, and comfortable. And, they dry quickly.

Water Bottles

Whatever you do, make sure you’re all hydrated. Bring along several bottles and fill them regularly, ensuring that everyone gets a regular drink – you can bet it will be the last thing on the kids’ minds!

Waterproof Digital Camera

Most people use their cellphones to capture memorable moments. But, not all of these devices are up to the task under the wet conditions of a water park. Rather get a small, inexpensive waterproof camera and grab those memories wherever they arise.

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