A How-To Guide to Creating a Successful Restaurant Patio Space

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Adding a patio space to your restaurant can often be exactly what is needed to create a completely unforgettable experience and make your establishment the talk of the town. However, before you start work on your restaurant patio area, take a look at this simple guide to all the design and planning elements you need to consider to help you make your patio successful.

First Check Your Legal Framework

Before you even get to planning the patio, check all municipal, state and/or provincial and federal regulations regarding the new structure you hope to build. There may be one or more permits that you need to acquire before moving forward. Aside from the structure itself, there are some other regulatory issues to consider, for instance: 

  • When you enclose the patio will additional restroom facilities be required?
  • What are the limitations of your site?
  • Have you already maxed out your lot coverage? 

Your local authority and local architect will be able to provide you with all the necessary information.

Strategize the Layout and Function

The following should be taken into consideration:

  • Are you planning to make your patio a simple outdoor dining area or could you perhaps do something more with it?
  • Do you want to make provision for live entertainment or perhaps a cocktail bar?
  • What kind of layout would suit you? A simple extension of your dining area or a less formal lounge-type layout? 
  • Where are you adding the patio? The roof? Out front? 

Think about what suits your restaurant’s brand, your clientele as well as your business objectives – then get creative.

Decide What Kind of Cover You Want

  • Will your patio be permanently enclosed?
  • Or, do you want a retractable roof so you can open up on sunny days and cover up when the weather gets bad? 

You may decide to go with a simple awning, but investing in a year round enclosure would perhaps stand you in better stead in the long run.

Be Creative with the Decor

Seating, lighting, plants, heaters – you can go wild with all of the layout elements. The key is to keep the look and feel in line with your restaurant interior, while also extending it, adding something extra. Let your patio be a new attraction in its own right and not just an extension of your interior.

OpenAire crafts beautiful enclosures that help turn restaurant patios into creative spaces for entertainment and hospitality. Using a variety of designs, we build beautiful, high-quality enclosures, custom-made to the needs of each client. 

Contact us for more information regarding that special restaurant patio you’ve been planning. 

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