Add Year-Round Sunshine to Your Business in 2018 with an OpenAire Retractable Roof

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As 2018 dawns, people everywhere are making New Year’s resolutions and businesses are planning new strategies. If one of your resolutions in 2018 is to add new opportunities to your business and grow your revenue, an OpenAire retractable roof can be the answer to your wishes. Since 1989, OpenAire has established itself as one of the world’s leading developers of retractable roof and enclosure solutions, creating unique and customized sunlit structures that have transformed businesses of every kind and size around the world. Whether it’s a retail store, a shopping mall, a restaurant, a hotel, an entertainment center, a swimming pool or aquatic park, or any number of other venues, OpenAire’s designs have brought great benefits to almost every kind of organization. Guests are amazed by the year-round sunshine and abundant fresh air, while owners gain significant returns on investment thanks to the structure’s low maintenance costs and significant energy savings.

OpenAire’s expert team of designers, manufacturers and builders is ready to create the perfect project for your needs from start to finish. Each enclosure is tailored to fit the client’s precise specifications, so that your design will match your business’s vision and requirements perfectly. To learn more about how OpenAire has helped organizations like yours add sky to their designs, check out our large portfolio of successful projects here. Contact our sales team here for a free consultation on how you can open your business to new possibilities in 2018.

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