Building Dreams for the Whole Community

When communities want to build facilities to benefit their citizens, OpenAire is ready to help make their dreams a reality. Since 1989, OpenAire has been all about opening up new possibilities, and nothing says possibilities like an inspiring destination that the whole community can use as a part of their daily life. When OpenAire partners with a town, city or region, we are committed to building innovative designs that fit the local area and architecture. From community public swimming pools to large regional community centers, we’ve built a track record of creating beautiful, open air designs that fit our clients’ vision and needs.

In Richmond, California, OpenAire played an important role in renovating and restoring the Richmond Swim Center, which had been closed due to the need for extensive renovation. Our team built and installed a beautiful retractable roof that integrates perfectly with the indoor pool’s refurbished glue-laminated wooden rafters while venting excess moisture and pool chemicals. The design creates an inviting, naturally-lit space letting visitors enjoy the feeling of an outdoor pool any time of year.

OpenAire has recently partnered with the City of Grand Prairie, Texas and a talented, multifaceted team of architects, engineers and designers to create the largest indoor retractable-roof waterpark in the USA, as well as an adjacent public recreation center. The Epic will cover 120,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor recreation space, including many high-tech features for the entire community and extensive outdoor attractions, including a completely handicap accessible park for all children and adults with disabilities. We are proud to be building the enclosure for one of The Epic’s most prominent attractions: the 62,000 square-foot Epic Waters indoor waterpark. Housed in a massive polycarbonate and glass structure with 18 retractable roof bays, Epic Waters will offer the community amazing aquatic attractions in an outdoor-style environment all year round. It’s a destination that Grand Prairie will be proud to call its own.

OpenAire is delighted to build retractable enclosures and structures that serve whole communities. Our designs not only provide unique open concept environments but also offer all the benefits of high quality, durable architecture. OpenAire’s signature aluminum framing and construction are made to be maintenance free, energy efficient and reliable. The result is an architectural solution that offers an amazing experience for visitors along with great value for investment to the facility. That’s the kind of win-win solution that makes a community’s dreams come true.