Norre Lyngvig Camping, Hvide Sande, Denmark

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Located on the shores of the North Sea, Norre Lyngvig Camping is Scandinavia's largest campground. It has been a popular summer destination for European families for years, offering 440,000 square metres of fishing, swimming, hiking, golf and other recreational activities. Since summers in Denmark are very short, the owners were looking for a way to extend the tourist season and further enhance the overall appeal of the campground to attract more visitors. They decided that a new pool facility that could stay open year-round would help them achieve their goal by offering campers an inviting place to swim, even in cold or rainy weather.


The owners first discovered OpenAire at an exhibition in Köln, Germany. They were impressed with OpenAire's unique approach to providing custom solutions for a wide variety of clients and project types, and particularly with the tremendous aesthetic appeal of their retractable enclosures.

OpenAire’s team worked closely with the owners to explore options that would give them the natural light they wanted in an enclosed environment, enhance the look of the building, and offer better air quality than a traditional indoor pool would provide. Specifically engineered to meet international building codes, the striking 59’ (18m) x 82' (25m) structure measures 21' (6.5m) at its highest point, and features a unique 14' (4.5m) x 29' (9m) radial gazebo. The 1" insulated glass sidewalls and 25mm polycarbonate roof can be opened up in good weather to offer visitors an incredible outdoor swim experience.

When the roof is closed, thermal breaks and vapor barriers control condensation and air filtration, and when the enclosure is open, heat rises, and hot air and humidity are exhausted through the roof, and fresh, clean air is drawn in through the sliding doors around the sides of the structure. Plus, air conditioning and dehumidification aren’t necessary when the roof is open, offering significant savings over a traditional closed aquatic structure.

"Campers can swim or relax on lounge chairs around the pool any time of year," says Ferdinand Soennichsen, owner of Norre Lyngvig Camping. "The pool enclosure has significantly enhanced the appeal of our campground, and we are pleased to be able to offer visitors something other campgrounds can’t."

Once the structure was installed and the project was completed, OpenAire followed up with the owners of the campground to ensure things were running smoothly.

"OpenAire was easy to get in touch with and were very responsive to any inquiries or questions,' says Soennichsen. "They made sure everything was working as it should, and even today, several years later, they get back to us quickly if we have any issues."


Increased Revenues

Visitors won’t find anything like this pool at other Scandinavian campgrounds. By offering a unique, highly appealing experience, Norre Lyngvig Camping has attracted significantly more business. Since the new pool facility opened in May 2005, revenues from new guests and repeat visitor bookings have gone up by 10%.

Greater Appeal

The new facility isn't just functional – the glass structure housing the pool is strikingly beautiful. It enhances the overall look of the entire campground and has become a point of pride and a key selling feature; the pool is highlighted in all of the campground's marketing materials.

"On cold or rainy days, the clear panels slide shut easily at the touch of a button, protecting swimmers from the elements but still giving them a chance to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding grounds in a protected environment," adds Soennichsen.

Dependable Follow Up Support

Every OpenAire project comes with a service warranty; Norre Lyngvig Camping has received immediate post-project support whenever the need has arisen.

"We have built retractable pool enclosures and other retractable applications all over the world," says Mark Albertine, President, OpenAire."We have teams in place that can respond quickly to any support issues, no matter where they are. Our clients can count on our global expertise in building to international standards, in a wide variety of climates and regions."

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