Community Centres Reimagined

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Creating a green future starts with the space around us, and what better way to start than with our community recreation centres? Forming a healthy, safe and inclusive community is not limited to programs and initiatives but the space in which they take place.

Morrisville Parks Recreations and Cultural Resources requested Openaire's help for their community centre remodelling. Openaire added a retractable glass enclosure to their pre-existing outdoor pool and clubhouse. This single addition drastically improved the centre's space and transformed it into a sunlit, sustainable structure. The natatorium measures at 12000 square feet, including 16 motorized retractable roof panels. Once an outdoor pool, now an all-year aquatic centre. The best part? With just a single push of a button, the roof retracts, making the pool outdoors again!

Not only is the building a premium architectural icon, but it is also now a cost-effective and environmentally friendly facility. The all-aluminum building fills with sunlight and fresh air, omitting excess use of artificial lights and ventilation, drastically cutting the cost of energy. The city-funded building was once too expensive to operate, needing constant renovations and maintenance. Now, with its OpenAire enclosure, the space will never again need updating or maintenance.

A reimagined recreation centre is a place that all residents WANT to join, and the first step is to create a space that is equally beautiful and sustainable. Creating a community hub in this way will only attract more members to utilize programs and services, ultimately providing more opportunities for expanded community offerings. Moreover, these structures go far beyond being purely aesthetic; they promote mental and physical well-being, which in turn creates a safer and happier society.

A sun-exposed building allows members to get their vitamin D effortlessly, boasting their creativity and general well-being while at the same time offering needed UV protection. The space also provides more opportunities for physical activity, as it can be used year-round. Members can take advantage of yearly access to aquatics while avoiding the problems of a weather-dependent outdoor pool. This is of the utmost importance to persons of all ages who can benefit from access to affordable programs and services.

Recreation centres have great programs to build confidence and problem-solving skills alongside health and well-being. A reimagined community centre is a place where people will want to take advantage of these programs and are proud to spend their time. A space that is naturally lit and ventilated is a much more appealing space to be. This in itself will draw in more people every day.

At this time when the cost of living is so high and people are struggling, it is more important than ever to develop spaces that are affordable and accessible for all members of every community. Recreation centers meet the needs of everyone, regardless of class, race, gender, age and ability. As municipalities grow, investment in sustainable, low cost, environmentally friendly spaces, built for the future, is key to the success of every community.

Community Centres are just one concept Openaire has reimagined our green future through design. Alongside municipalities of all sizes, OpenAire works with the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. We also have a large portfolio of privately run recreation centres. No matter your audience, OpenAire can help provide a long-term solution. Contact us today for more information

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