Why developers and architects are choosing OpenAire solutions

OpenAire brings its signature retractable enclosure technologies to new projects in the Middle East

OpenAire is excited to attend the Big 5 Dubai show for the seventh year in a row, this fall beginning November 26. Renowned architects from across the Middle East will be able to see the benefits of letting the fresh air into their designs with OpenAire’s retractable enclosure solutions. 2017 has so far brought several new opportunities for OpenAire to bring its more-than-28 years of architectural innovations to the Middle East. OpenAire has three exciting projects in the United Arab Emirates, including the Sharjah Mall in Sharjah and two other projects; one in Abu Dhabi and the other in Dubai.

OpenAire’s custom solutions let in the open skies in fair and cool weather, but also close to provide shelter and insulation when the weather becomes hot, creating an outdoor style space that guests can enjoy year-round. At Sharjah Shopping Mall, OpenAire is building a truly unique elliptical dome skylight that will bring abundant natural light to the heart of the 30-story complex. The dome skylight measures an impressive 74 meters (243 feet) long by 47 meters (154 feet) wide by 21 meters (69 feet) high. OpenAire’s innovative use of steel nodes and aluminum connecting members will let this huge structure provide unobstructed views of the sky to visitors inside, offering a shopping experience like no other.

Exceptional design features such as those at Sharjah, combined with the company’s track record of partnering with many other renowned developers and its ability to adapt its designs to many shapes and sizes, makes OpenAire the ideal choice for venues of every kind. In locations around the world, shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment centers, aquatic parks, and more have seen increased numbers of guests, decreased energy use, and other advantages after choosing OpenAire structures. Retractable roofs let restaurants use their patio seating no matter what the weather outside, effectively doubling their seating capacity. Aquatic attractions can offer an outdoor swimming atmosphere year-round while also saving up to 27% on energy costs annually due to a reduced need for lighting, air conditioning, and dehumidification systems. Design advantages such as these make it easy to see why OpenAire gives owners significant returns on investment and lowers maintenance costs. It is also the reason why developers and architects around the world are drawn to OpenAire’s solutions.