Did You Know You Can Have a Low Maintenance Indoor Pool at Your YMCA?


At YMCA clubs, maintenance and operating costs are a big concern. It is important for Club Directors to keep these costs to a minimum, which is one of the reasons why retractable roofs are becoming increasingly popular at these venues.

Unlike a traditional painted steel frame aquatic center roof, OpenAire’s retractable roof system offers a zero-maintenance solution. The thermally broken aluminum framing system withstands moist, chemical laden aquatic atmospheres, and it never needs to be repainted.


Why Is It Important to Start Thinking about Reducing Your Club’s Maintenance and Operations?

The materials and features that are chosen for a new, a renovated or an expanding facility are based on how the space will be used, the building materials that are available at the time as well as the aesthetic goals of the client. Very rarely does building maintenance and operations feature in the initial concept design phase. Yet, with this solution this is guaranteed.

As a YMCA Director, you will undoubtedly have a designated Facility Manager taking care of the building maintenance program, but all operations are part of the big picture for you as the Director. If your club features a pool, then a large portion of the Facility Manager’s time and energy will likely go to maintaining that area unless you also have an Aquatic Facility Manager.

With a retractable roof, not only can you control the temperature in your space and allow unobstructed views of the outdoors, but you can also rest assured that your maintenance for the structure will be minimal and time can be better spent elsewhere.

Facility Managers need to ensure building maintenance does not impact facility operations negatively. If you are a YMCA Director or a Facility Manager who is looking for a value-added way to upgrade your facility and take the hassle out of maintenance, then a retractable roof from OpenAire is a great option. The low maintenance structure means that downtime is reduced to a minimum.

OpenAire has worked with the YMCA for over 20 years. Some of the projects we have completed include the McGrath YMCA, Woodruff YMCA, Magdalena Ecke YMCA, and the Copley-Price YMCA. Contact us for more information today.