First Major Milestone as the Record-Breaking Grand Prairie Waterpark Reaches for the Sky with an OpenAire Roof

Epic Waters, the largest indoor waterpark under a single custom curved retractable roof in the USA, will feature ground breaking attractions under a 62,000 square-foot retractable roof

The City of Grand Prairie, Texas is reaching a milestone on the construction of a community center that lives up to its name: The Epic Grand Central. On January 24, OpenAire will install the final rafters on The Epic’s massive 62,000 square-foot indoor waterpark, Epic Waters, bringing the park much closer to completion. Grand Prairie Mayor Ron Jensen and city officials will attend this exciting occasion. The Epic’s spectacular 172-acre complex was planned with input from Grand Prairie residents from all walks of life and is meant to be a legacy project for future generations. To make The Epic Grand Central a truly epic success, the City of Grand Prairie chose to include many spectacular attractions for the whole community, including a fitness center, the fully accessible PlayGrand outdoor playground, and Epic Waters, the largest indoor waterpark under a single custom curved retractable roof in the USA, housed in an enormous 62,000 square-foot retractable enclosure designed and built by OpenAire. The graceful arched roof will span 160 ft. wide and be 384 ft. long. This record-breaking waterpark will offer Grand Prairie the perfect sunlit aquatic experience year-round, while also connecting seamlessly with the rest of the Epic’s incredible attractions.

OpenAire began installing its custom-built enclosure for Epic Waters in December 2016, creating an amazing sight right from the start. Thanks to OpenAire’s efficient pre-fabrication processes, Epic Waters’ strong yet lightweight aluminum alloy frame was rising high into the air within days. Epic Waters will be home to the largest indoor aqua loop, the first “boomerango” and constrictor combination waterslide, and the first two-person aqua sphere attraction in the United States, all designed by Ramaker and Associates and OpenAire with the attractions coming from Whitewater West. Guests will be able to plunge down these rides from one of the tallest slide towers in the USA, a 69.5-foot high cupola built by OpenAire. All around the tower, the rest of the park will also be truly remarkable.

“Our expansive enclosure for Epic Waters will blend the security of an indoor waterpark with the vibrant, sunlit atmosphere of an outdoor park,” says OpenAire President and CEO Mark Albertine, “the space itself is going to be as awe-inspiring as the park’s attractions.” Epic Wates will be a dynamic facility that can adapt quickly to the conditions outside. The enclosure’s 36 customized retractable roof panels will let in abundant sunshine and fresh air on warm days, yet will be able to close securely at the first sign of precipitation or poor weather, letting everyone of all ages enjoy the park year-round. Epic Waters and The Epic Grand Central are set to open in the Fall of 2017. With their unique attractions and innovative architecture, they are sure to be a landmark throughout Texas for years to come.

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