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Giant Dome Skylight for Giant Mall in United Arab Emirates

April 15, 2016

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OpenAire chosen to manufacture a huge, aluminum elliptical-shaped enclosure for Sharjah's largest shopping mall

M/S International Private Group (IPG) and Gambert Architectural are partnering with OpenAire and Aluminum Light Industries Co. (ALICO) to complete their flagship 26012.85 square meter  (280,000 square foot) Sharjah Shopping Mall in the United Arab Emirates. Located less than 10 km from Dubai, this stunning 31-storey complex will rise from the city's waterfront like an oasis of luxury retail and residential space. As its centerpiece, the mall will feature a remarkable aluminum elliptical dome skylight designed and manufactured by OpenAire. Built with a durable aluminum frame and glazed glass, this skylight will be the largest aluminum dome in the Middle East, standing 74m (242ft. 9.4in.) long by 47m  (154ft. 2.4in.) wide by 21m (68ft. 10.77in.) high and casting the main retail areas in vibrant, inviting natural light.

OpenAire was chosen to build this complex and unique skylight because of its track record of creating unique skylights and enclosures worldwide. This aluminum framed skylight sits atop the center of the mall on a ring beam, connecting beautifully with the smooth glass, polished concrete and brushed steel of the complex's striking architecture. The dome will use panels shaped in a non-traditional diagonal geometric pattern, rising from 30.8m (101ft. 0.6in.) high to a peak of 51.8m (169ft. 11.37in.) high. The support structure will use an innovative combination of steel nodes and aluminum connecting members, allowing for large glass panels at the center of the mall which will give visitors unobstructed views of the UAE's open skies.

“OpenAire has been given a great chance to showcase our capabilities to the world, and we're creating an skylight that is sure to exceed expectations,” says Mark Albertine, President and CEO of OpenAire, “We're working closely with Gambert Architectural and ALICO to make the building the best it can be. The mall will be sitting on prime waterfront real estate, close to Dubai and even closer to the Dubai airport. It's going to be a cultural hub for Sharjah, and OpenAire's skylight will be at its center. It's just an incredible opportunity.”

With almost 27,800 square meters (300,000 square feet) and over 30 floors of space, the Sharjah Mall will be more than just a shopping center. The finished complex will include a hotel, luxury apartments, more than 9,290 square meters (100,000 square feet) of restaurant space, a variety of family entertainment attractions, a spa and much more. It will be, in short, a vibrant city within a city, inviting visitors from around the world to enjoy its refreshing, naturally lit environment at the edge of the sea. OpenAire is excited to be a part of this monumental project and looks forward to Sharjah Mall's completion at the end of 2016.

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