How To Save On Energy Costs For Your YMCA Pool


Do you manage a YMCA? Then you will know that your energy bill is one of your biggest expenses. While many YMCA managers would be surprised to learn that a retractable roof installation can go a long way in significantly reducing their energy bills, the proof lies in the case studies that we are able to present.

As a YMCA Director, have you noticed that nearby indoor municipal pools spend a great deal on gas and electricity to run their air handling systems? With a retractable roof, you will be able to decrease your dependence on these costly air conditioning, heating, artificial lighting, as well as gas bills. An operable roof delivers an annual energy savings of up to 27% over traditional construction for an aquatic venue. A retractable roof not only cuts down on air handling, but it also helps you avoid the endless money trap of spending a fortune on cooling and heating.

How Does This Work?

You can think of your retractable roof pool enclosure as a natural chimney. When the walls and roof are open, the hot air escapes and no mechanical systems are turned on. In the cooler winter months, when the roof is closed, you can also benefit from some solar heat gain so that you win all year round.

The savings that you will achieve on operating costs is a key part in lowering your operational budget and it is critical to the long-term success of a YMCA.

Besides a reduction in energy cost, you will be able to increase year-round attendance, which will also offset your facility’s operating costs and thereby create a critical growth driver.

Learn how to save on air handling with a retractable roof.