More Ways Than One

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There’s More Than One Way to Let in the Sun with an OpenAire Custom Retractable Roof

If you think a skylight is just a bubble-shaped, crank-operated hatch that is cut into your roof, it’s time to open your eyes to new design possibilities! The truth is that custom retractable roofs and skylights can be developed to fit in beautifully with just about any design and location.

Since 1989, OpenAire has used many design techniques to create hundreds of unique large operable roofs for restaurants, retailers, entertainment centers, swimming pools, theme parks, private residences, and many more venues. These designs provide year-round sunshine and abundant fresh air, creating spaces that draw in and amaze guests, as well as reducing maintenance costs and energy use for owners.

Here are some of the major retractable roof styles that OpenAire can use to let in the sun at your location:

  • Sliding Panel/Bay: This simple yet attractive design lets one or more panels in the structure slide open, often resting over another panel or another part of the building’s roof.
  • Telescoping Roof: This technique adds multiple layers to the sliding panel method. One panel slides under a stationary panel, then another panel slides under it, and so on.
  • Bi-Parting Panels: A pair of operable panels slide in opposite directions from a central position to rest over an area on either side, leaving an open area in the centre.
  • Double-Sloped Roofs: Two sides of the roof slope downward from an apex, often with operable panels along both sides. Gable ends may be used at either end of the roof structure depending on the design. This design is popular with rooftop restaurants, entertainment venues, swimming pools, and many other venues that benefit from wide views of the sky.
  • Arched Roof with Curved Panels: An expansive technique that can create the wide-open feeling of being outdoors even when all panels are closed. Large glazed panels are built to fit along a custom curved retractable frame, usually opening and closing along the arch.
  • Dome Enclosure with Operable Panels: An eye-catching structure that lets in abundant sunlight and spectacular views. Custom arching panels can retract around the diameter of the dome to provide a truly outdoor atmosphere.
  • Many Other Styles: OpenAire specializes in creating large custom retractable designs to fit most any need, some of which are really one of a kind!Check out our projects here to see more examples of what OpenAire has done for clients around the world. Feel free to contact our expert team for a free consultation and discover how OpenAire can bring your vision to life.

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