Maximizing Size and Minimizing Costs for Water Park Design

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A common question we’re asked at OpenAire comes from our water park clients: How do I maximize the size of my waterpark and still keep costs under control? Our answer to this is that the size factor need not conflict with cost concerns.

We’ve designed, manufactured and installed retractable roof enclosures with integrated workarounds to house the newest, highest, longest water slides and water attractions— while keeping the overall costs to a minimum. Here are some of the custom solutions we’ve come up with:

A slide that goes inside and outside

Not all water slides and water attractions need to be housed within waterpark walls. Many facilities we’ve worked on include slides traversing inside, zig-zagging to-and-fro, across and outside of the building, to conclude back in the park. This allows for longer and larger slide runs,without taking-up an excess of facility space. Plus, the extruding slide sections are a great teaser for waterpark customers (kids especially!) to get a glimpse of the fun they can expect inside.


To accommodate towering heights for slides and water attractions, cupolas can be added onto the roof of an enclosure for a specific slide / attraction, without the extra cost of adding extreme height throughout the entire water park. A cupola also adds an aesthetic appeal to the overall roof line, making the slide and slide location all the more intriguing.

Slide towers

Finally, slide towers can also be designed outside of the main enclosure area to generate sufficient height and space for the desired indoor slides and water attractions, while also providing maximum play area inside the main enclosure.

These three variations on water park design are just a small sample of what we make possible at OpenAire.





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