Open Skies Give People a Brighter Outlook

It’s no secret why people love the springtime. Finally, after months of grey skies, icy winds and staying inside from the cold, we can return to beautiful sunshine, fresh air and green, blossoming plants. Unfortunately, most of us will only be able to enjoy these bright, warm benefits of spring for a little while at a time while spending most of our days in the same closed-off, artificially-lit buildings as always, away from the wonders of the world outside. Research indicates that between 5-10% of North Americans suffer from seasonal depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder), with symptoms often caused by a lack of UV light – sunlight[1]. Luckily, there’s a solution that can bring the open skies into our buildings and give people a brighter outlook any time of year.

At OpenAire, we provide beautiful, customized skylight and retractable roof solutions to businesses and residences around the world, letting them bring in the fresh air and sunshine of spring and summer in ways conventional structures never could. OpenAire’s lightweight glazed aluminum structures and skylights can span over 150 feet and retract widely to create a truly open environment. At the same time, our structures can close quickly at the touch of a button in cold or inclement weather, while still letting in spectacular outdoor views. It’s a solution that truly offers the best of both worlds.

Thanks to our custom designed retractable roof enclosures and skylights,  clients, guests, employees and residents can enjoy spectacular outdoor sunshine year-round, no matter what the weather. The US journal Environmental Health Perspectives recommends that people working indoors take time regularly to go out in the sunshine, as this boosts the immune system and Vitamin D production, as well as giving psychological benefits[2]. With an OpenAire transparent retractable enclosure, you can enjoy these natural benefits much more often without leaving the building. OpenAire’s dynamic design concepts have transformed our clients’ properties and created refreshing, open atmospheres that leave a lasting impression on visitors. That’s the power of adding sky to your design.

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