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OpenAire Retractable Roof begins installation at the Plunge

October 24, 2017

OpenAire begins construction on a 29,330-square-foot transformation at The Plunge in Belmont Park

With over 91 years of history, one of San Diego’s most iconic parks, The Plunge in Mission Beach’s Belmont Park, is entering a new era with a 29,330 square-foot transformation. OpenAire is now building an aluminum-framed retractable roof enclosure for The Plunge’s indoor swimming pool. The new curved glazed roof enclosure measures 104’ x 204’ in length with glass sidewalls over 39’ high providing a sunlit paradise as an extension of the popular beach.  Opening the 10 large retractable roof panels in conjunction with the two glass overhead doors and motorized pivot windows allows cool ocean breezes to flow right through the building, yet offers indoor comfort with the push of a button should the ocean become angry. The enclosure features a brand-new, 25-foot-wide two-story mezzanine along its 204-foot length, which gives a pleasant place for swimmers to work out or relax while overlooking the pool in one direction and stunning ocean views in the other.

The historic Plunge swimming pool closed for renovations in 2016 after 91 years in operation when it was discovered that the building was in need of extensive repairs due to corrosion of its steel frame. OpenAire’s new freestanding enclosure gives The Plunge an ideal solution to this problem, since its corrosion-resistant materials stand up to the pool’s humid aquatic environment as well as the oceanside air outdoors.

The new enclosure will also connect seamlessly with the new FIT Athletic Club next door, thanks to a flat roof section designed in collaboration with FIT’s architects to let users enjoy easy access between the two facilities. Both OpenAire and the project’s lead developer, Pacifica Enterprises, are taking great care to preserve the Plunge’s distinctive features throughout the renovation. The pool’s floor is being remodeled with tiles faithful to the original design, while the famous Wyland whaling mural will be fully restored for visitors to enjoy. The new enclosure is set to open in the summer of 2018. OpenAire is proud to be restoring this San Diego landmark and looks forward to returning this magnificent treasure to its residents.

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