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Americana Conference Resort and Spa
Niagara Falls, ON

Americana Conference Resort and Spa

The Niagara area offers vacation goers an abundance of choices in accommodations. The owners of the Americana Conference Resort and Spa sought to stand out from the crowd by adding a waterpark attraction. Traditional waterparks are vulnerable to the whims of the weather but an enclosed indoor park offers the perfect solution to keep guests happy year-round.

After careful consideration, the company chosen to help Americana Conference Resort and Spa realize their goal was OpenAire – the global leader in custom-designed retractable roof enclosures and operable skylights. OpenAire’s professional design team worked closely with Aquatic Development Group and White Water Industries to create a structure that would truly complement their vision for the water park. The aluminium thermally broken frame spans 133’ wide by 144’ long.

In fact, OpenAire’s truss concept allows for clear spanning of widths greater than 155’ – an impressive feat that is unique to this company alone. OpenAire’s flexibility in custom-design made it possible to accommodate a 28’ high slide platform by creating a dormer over the slide area. However, the most stunning feature of all is the operable roof panels, controlled by the touch of a button; it allows for the opening of almost 50% of the roof area.

The enclosure’s framing system is composed of an aesthetic combination of aluminium, glass, and polycarbonate. Combined with the opening roof, the result is a complete package that provides clarity and freshness. This combination also lends itself beautifully to designing any water park around themes that invoke a natural atmosphere of warm sunshine and fresh breezes. Americana owner Jim DiBellonia is especially impressed with the beauty and longevity of the remarkably maintenance-free structure.

Americana Conference Resort and Spa’s water park continues to delight its guests. OpenAire’s enclosure has provided them with shelter from the elements so they can enjoy indoor fun whether skies are sunny or stormy, all year-round.

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